13 Top-Notch Proofreading Tools for Content Marketers

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How often have you been drawn to an article with an engaging headline, settled down to read what you think is going to be a great piece, only to find it poorly written and littered with errors?

And, when this happens, how rarely do you make it past the first paragraph before giving up and moving on to the next, easier-to-read, article?

100% of the time would be my guess because poor quality content simply doesn't get read!

The lack of importance placed on accurate content isn't uncommon in a busy work environment, but it does have the power to damage your brand, and your business. 

It doesn't matter how much attention to detail you pay, proofreading is always going to be essential for anyone who creates content. Here are 13 top-notch proofreading tools that guarantee your content is readable, of high quality, and 100% grammatically accurate. 


1) Wordrake.

Wordrake works in conjunction with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook and it edits as you work. It clears out unnecessary words and phrases in your copy to leave you with copy that is clear, concise and to the point. Sign up for a free trial here.


2) Grammarly. 

Like Grammark, Grammarly makes suggestions to your copy and provides a percentage readability score for subscribers.  This percentage is based on spelling errors, incorrect use of punctuation, and sentence structure. Grammarly makes recommendations which you can easily click to implement, with the percentage score updating as you do.


3) Grammark.

Grammark is a simple copy and paste tool. Paste your content into the overview box and you'll receive a percentage score on your readability. This includes your use of the passive voice, wordiness, academic style, and grammar. Grammark makes recommendations for changes that will make your content easier to read.


4) Ginger. 

Ginger is an app that you'll need to download and install but it's worth the commitment. It provides a complete overview of all your writing and makes suggestions for your errors. It also provides a read-back service, an English personal trainer to help you improve your use of the English language, and a translation tool for those writers whose first language isn't English.


5) PaperRater. 

PaperRater provides a list of spelling, grammar, word choice and sentence length issues. You can make changes as you go depending on if you approve the changes. There's a free version of PaperRater but you'll need to take a quick survey before you get your results and it's riddled with ads. To improve efficiency, you're better off paying the low price to subscribe to the ad-free version.


6) Boom Essays. 

While automatic programs are efficient, you can't beat a human eye for picking up mistakes and errors. Boom Essays uses humans to proofread your work to give you a finished product that both makes sense and is accurate.


7) EditMinion. 

EditMinion provides an overall analysis of pasted text. It focuses on sentence length, use of adverbs and passive voice, and highlights any spelling errors. You can choose your settings in EditMinion so if your writing won't be let down using the passive voice, such as in writing a story, you can switch the option off.


8) EssayRoo. 

EssayRoo is aimed at students and content creators who need a fast proofreading service. With EssayRoo, you spend your time writing while they spend theirs proofreading to make sure the work you submit is 100% technically accurate.


9) Slick Write. 

Slick Write makes suggestions as you write, or you can paste existing copy and it gives you an overall readability score. It's detailed results offer a critique on both your structure and your use of vocabulary.


10) Grammar Check. 

The free version of Grammar Check offers a basic spelling and grammar check for your writing. It links to Grammarly for its premium version of a critique on your work. Grammar Check not only makes suggestions but it also explains WHY it's highlighted areas which helps you learn from mistakes that you make. 


11) UK Writings. 

UK Writings is a network of scholars who all have the academic ability to understand the context of your work. You will work with the proof-reader assigned to you and let them know exactly what you need from them. UK Writings is a unique proof-reading service tailored to your individual needs.


12) Hemingway Editor. 

Hemingway gives you a grading on the quality of your writing considering sentence structure, use of adverbs, use of passive voice and readability of sentences. It's colour-coded so the areas that are a common problem for you stand out. While Hemingway Editor tells you where the mistakes are, it doesn't offer corrections which makes it more cumbersome than some of the other tools however this helps you become a better writer as you have to learn from your mistakes to correct them.


13) Polish My Writing. 

Polish My Writing is a basic proofreading tool which highlights spelling and grammatical errors within a block of copy. Colour-coded by spelling, grammar, and suggestions for better phrases, this tool is simplistic and helps you make changes based on how well your copy will be read.

Using one or more of these proofreading tools regularly will help you get into the habit of becoming a better writer so that your work is easy to read and of a consistently high standard.


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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