5 Reasons Why a Freelance Marketer Rocks

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If you work in sales, then you know that success takes years of building your career and reputation from hard work, determination, and your ability to exceed expectations.

Venturing into sales—and succeeding in it—is a big decision and doing so as a freelancer is an even greater one. To begin with, you won’t have the logistics, the contacts and network, or the overall support that you can expect when you join an established organization's sales force.

However, even with the added risk, more and more workers are taking chances and going freelance, signing up on websites such as Freelancer and bidding on projects; building up their portfolio, and ultimately, raking in success. Why are they taking such a huge leap? What's in it for a freelance marketer?

Flexibility in schedule

Most projects for a self-employed worker in the burgeoning online sales industry are flexible with their work schedules. Unlike field-based marketing, employers take into account what hours work best for you. As long as you hit your target goals, then you have control over your timetable.

No borders

Since your market is online, you stand a better chance of hitting your target; area boundaries don't apply. Most employers who go for self-employed marketers don’t take into account geographical limits as part of their market plans. They understand the power of the Internet, and adjust themselves accordingly. Your employer might be based in the US and you are working from home in Asia, but thanks to the Internet, your market audience spans the globe.

Freedom from fixed income

While it is true that what you get in monetary terms from marketing is proportional to how hard you work, veteran freelancers will shift their focus from being a hard worker to a smart one. With online marketing, you have the power over your income; how much you rake in depends on how efficiently and how effectively you work. You can get two or three projects at the same time and get paid much more than what you get working in the field or you can get one big project and work on a long term basis.

Close deals and relax at the same time

You don’t need to monitor your progress 24/7. Besides having numerous tools available at your disposal, you don’t need to do fieldwork in order to oversee things and bring your numbers up. You can just let your fingers do the talking. You can always check how your market is doing by simply carrying a tablet or a laptop when you go out to shop or have coffee.

Choice for both vertical and lateral growth

The training and experience you will get being a self-employed marketer can help you build an improved version of yourself. While it is true that doing fieldwork opens numerous opportunities to help you up, being a freelance marketer can be better – it lets you choose numerous other careers with which you can succeed in at the same time. You don’t need to put on blinders and target only one way upwards; you’ll have a number of avenues to explore and be an achiever in so many levels.

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