7 Great Mobile Tools for Project Management

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When you're handling multiple projects at once, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the chaos. There are timelines to remember, budgets to keep track of, plans to communicate, tasks to assign, and people to coordinate. Sticky notes, planners, and to-do lists help immensely with these things. However, if you want to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, you can get even more organized with project management apps.

There are a ton of project management solutions available on the Internet, all designed to help you push projects out the door in the most efficient ways possible. Those with mobile versions are even more convenient, since they allow you to have access to your projects whenever and wherever. You can actually plan projects straight from your phone or mobile device. Here are seven great mobile tools for project management to try.

Liquid Planner

This is the app for road warriors. With it, you can create new projects and tasks, make plans and schedules, communicate with team members, make checklists and comments, and more. You can see all the project details on just one screen too.


ProjectPlace by PlanView

Collaborating on projects is a lot easier with this app. It lets you create Kanban boards, which show team members the status of all the project tasks, including any related documents or activity. The team has one place for document uploading, and there is a team conversation feed as well.


Freelancer Mobile

This app is true project management on the go. It allows you to manage your projects, create new ones, find freelancers, and collaborate with contacts. You'll get work done faster by starting projects right on your mobile device as soon as you think of them.



Trello makes project management a cinch. It has a simple interface that's very easy to use. It organizes projects into boards, and places tasks into cards that you can just drag and drop to show progress. Labels, checklists, and comments enable collaboration, it updates in real time, and it's free.



The go-to solution for project managers for years now, Basecamp mobile condenses the goodness of Basecamp into one handy app. You get instant access to all of your team's documents, emails, attachments, files, discussions, and more.



This app brings customer relationship management (CRM) right at your fingertips. You can do lead management, linking, event calendars, mass emails, social profile detection, and even sales opportunity reports from this nifty program.



This app is all about team communication. It puts conversations and tasks in one place. Project meetings and lists, as well as team due dates, goals, and milestones, are also shared so that all team members are on the same page.


Aside from their Web versions, these mobile apps are available on iOS and Android. Good luck taking your projects to the next level!

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