7 Things You Can Do On Your Commute To Feel Better

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All over the world, people commute to and from work every day. The amount of time spent in traffic often seems like a waste. Whether commuters use public or private transport, they can make the time productive in their lives and careers.

The evolution of technology presents individuals with various apps, software, and websites to help them improve their lives. A huge number of people own smartphones, and the numbers are expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. Individuals can use them to transform their lives. They can choose to do things they are passionate about. Commuting time is free from family distractions, and workplace commitments. Doing enjoyable things can make individuals more productive in their careers.

There are different things to do which depend on whether one uses public or private transport. Some of the things people can do while using private transport include: Catching up with the latest news on the radio, listening to audio books, music, or inspirational podcasts, and recording a to-do list on the phone.

Many people love public transport due to its convenience. In addition to the exorbitant parking fees, identifying safe parking space can prove difficult for car owners. So why not make the most of your commute? The following activities can keep you occupied and productive while in traffic.

1. Listen to Inspirational Podcasts

Regardless of whether you’re a podcast, NPR, or audio book enthusiast, listening to something new or that makes you happy can improve your mood, and boost your efficiency at the workplace. You can find various inspirational pieces which are related to various industries or careers, or you can choose diverse sources of inspiration which uplift your productivity. There are various podcasts to choose from here. Good music is good for the heart and soul. Commuters can invest in high-quality headphones and store good music in their iPods or phones.

2. Drafting of Emails

Writing and sending emails from a phone can be hectic especially if they are long with multiple paragraphs. But this is increasingly becoming necessary with the extended hours commuters are spending in traffic. Why not utilize the time to draft emails, and save them to send later? It gives you the chance to revise later, and check for grammatical and spelling errors.

3. Write

Writing is therapeutic. Many people find their creative juices flow better when they write by hand. Writing enhances one's memory and motor skills. People remember important issues better when they write. Writing not only improves an individual’s thinking skills, but it also enhances their ability to take down notes more quickly. Whether you have a problem or an upcoming presentation, drafting ideas on paper helps you brainstorm. This can be an ideal opportunity to get started on a blog, an e-book, or even a novel.

4. Evaluate Your Achievements

People achieve wins which may be forgotten if no attention is paid to them. People can use their commuting time to focus and evaluate such wins. It’s a good time because the mind is relaxed. List all achievements, regardless of how insignificant they seem. These can include new activities you’ve been able to learn such as driving, biking, or swimming.

Thinking about your achievements enables you to realize how much your efforts have yielded. Efforts that go unrecognized may seem in vain; it’s only when you outline how much you’ve been able to achieve, that you can congratulate yourself. Finding out how many objectives you’ve been able to accomplish will uplift your moods, and increase your efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

5. Read

There is so much to read, yet time is always limited, and people can get occupied with other things. You can use your commuting time to read various publications, emails, magazines, and novels. Reading in the morning with a fresh and relaxed mind is recommended, as you can concentrate and absorb information better. People who drive to work can use apps which read text messages and emails hands-free. If you read printed books, use manual bookmarks so you can continue from where you left off. Bookmarking online is easier, and it helps commuters access their reading materials effortlessly immediately after boarding the bus or train.

Reading also improves your way of thinking. You’ll find you can articulate and understand issues better. Reading exercises the brain, and people who read frequently hold a wealth of knowledge. They also handle situations better. Broad reading can give you new ideas on how to improve efficiency in your career, and interact with your colleagues better.

Many people don’t like to read, though. How can they enhance their reading skills? Start by reading short and exciting pieces, or things you’re passionate about. With time, you’ll adapt  and reading becomes irresistible. Consider switching the phone off to read better. This keeps you away from social media distractions, and enables you to gain more productivity by reading important material.

6. Write Your To-Do List

Many people hardly have time to plan their schedule. Commuting time is ideal for planning and writing a to-do list. Laying down your current and upcoming plans will simplify them. Write them in order of attention and priority. Starting a day with an already defined plan saves you a lot of time, stress, and energy. This is because you already know what to focus on at a particular time. It is easier to write them down when using public transport, but if you’re driving, try using an app to make the work easier. There are many apps which can sync between personal computers and mobile phones. They allow you to drag and drop tasks in between categories and days, and set alerts for when things are due. Some apps allow users to share notes with other people, and some allow you to write to-do lists by speaking as you drive. This app will record the spoken command, and display a text on completion.

7. Get Anxious

Spending many hours in traffic can be stressful. Focusing on impending work and responsibilities only worsens the situation. This is the right time to allow a little worry to flow through your mind - only be careful not to focus too much on the worry. Ensure you switch your brain back to normal after a few minutes. You may find that a little bit of  worrying can present you with a problem-solving skill. This is because worrying ignites a certain power of determination. It may be perceived to have a negative impact on the body and mind, but a little anxiety goes a long way in helping you lay a better strategy to face your challenges.

Commuting to work is inevitable, unless you live within walking distance of the office or find a decent freelancing job. But it doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult to bear. You can lift your mood and increase your productivity with the tips mentioned above. People who practice them consistently are bound to approach their work with renewed energy, and a positive attitude.

Do you have more tips to add? We are glad to read your comments. Share them with us below, and do not forget to share this article with your friends.


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