American Freelancer Builds a Career Out of a Lifelong Dream

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Paul Stefano, a 43-year-old freelance voice artist, has always been fond of recording his and others' voices. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought of building a career out of his hobby.

“I have always loved recording things. When I was a child I used one of those five button tape recorders to capture me, my parents and my brother. I eventually graduated to smaller micro cassettes, and then some of the first ever VHS recorders,” said Paul.

The Oreland, Pennsylvania native first honed his voice-acting skills in high school where he was chosen to broadcast school-related announcements such as the daily lunch menus and sporting schedules.

American Freelancer Builds a Career Out of a Lifelong Dream - Image 1His passion for the art led to him pursuing a career in Mass Communication in Baltimore County’s Towson University, one of the country’s leading universities in the said field. Paul was an on-air personality on the university’s radio and television station.

After graduation, he sought for a job in the media industry but failed to find one. “I looked for work in traditional broadcasting such as radio, TV, and film but it was extremely competitive and hard to navigate. This was in 1996 before the real internet age,” he said.

Since finding a voice talent job was pretty difficult to find back then, he turned to administrative work instead.

Currently, Paul works in the registrar department of a local university. He has been employed in the said University for the past nine years. It is his primary means of supporting his wife and three kids.

American Freelancer Builds a Career Out of a Lifelong Dream - Image 1

One day, while surfing the internet, he came across a platform for aspiring voice actors. He saw the website as an opportunity to practice his most treasured skill. There he studied the ins and outs of being a narrator. He then set up his own home studio in hopes of making extra income for his family through side projects. 

Paul's search for more projects led to him Googling “freelance voiceover jobs”, where he found out about, which, according to him, was one of the top-most listings on Google. He registered on the platform and began bidding for projects.

An American employer who was in need of a voice actor took notice of Mr. Stefano’s bid. The project entailed Paul to create a recording of hypnotherapy materials. There were around 120 pages worth of readings to be converted into an audiobook.

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The US$750 project was completed in a three-week stretch. “The project was special because it was my highest paying freelancer project. Also, it set me up for a lot of very similar projects that I didn't even realize I would be a fit for,” said Paul.

He was given a five-star rating by his employer. The said employer wasn’t the only one who thought of giving Paul an exceptional rating. Paul boasts 100% ratings in job completion, budget-friendliness, and punctuality.

With a few projects and multiple five-star ratings under his belt, he's now part of Freelancer's elite group, the Preferred Freelancer Program

“Freelancer has helped me get closer to my goal of becoming a full-time voice over artist.”

Dreamers, such as Paul, no longer have to wait for the opportunity to arise. Through Freelancer, they can turn those dreams into realities. 

Post a project today and choose among the world’s best talents.

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