Anxious Entrepreneur? Here Are 6 Tips For You To Succeed!

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Anxiety is a common thing for many of us. But this anxiety can cause several behavioral issues. These issues, in turn, can stand as a barrier to success, especially if you have chosen to be an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur’s success largely depends on his mindset and thought process. Anxiety can create disruptions in a stable mindset and lead to wrong decisions.

We will present a few tips on how to perform your best as an entrepreneur if you are naturally an anxious person.

Get Insights into How You Avoid Things

We often avoid important actions just because we want to avoid some negative backlashes. For example, you might avoid setting a higher price for your new product. This might be because you want to avoid upsetting your target market.

This sort of guilt or worries often concerns many anxious entrepreneurs. Avoidance coping can be a good measure one can take to address this issue.

Avoidance coping is not always about other people’s responses to your behavior. In most cases, avoidance coping is about your response to a certain situation. It can also be about how you are concerned about others’ reactions.

In simpler words, this concept tries to avoid the internal states you yourself have.

Try to avoid negative thoughts like - always thinking something bad will happen in the future. Try to use meditation and mindfulness to soothe your mind. Train your mind to be better at receiving negative feedbacks.

Don’t Shy Away from Delegating Others

Anxious entrepreneurs often avoid delegating others to do a particular task. They do not want to outsource the work. This is because they are not always confident on other person’s capabilities.

It can also occur if they are introverts wanting to avoid socialization. Anxious people are also sometimes perfectionists. Perfectionists set high standards of work which can cause this behavior.

All these can, however, lead to your mental and physical energy being used up. So once in a while, you should consider delegating others to do your work. It will increase your capabilities and quality of work. Delegating another person can also help you learn more from him/her. The more experience you have working with others, the wider your entrepreneurial knowledge will be.

Don’t Worry Too Much about Small Errors

Entrepreneurship is a journey full of surprises. There will be highs and lows. So just making a single mistake in your efforts doesn’t mean the end of the world. Especially if you are working with something new, these mistakes are bound to happen.

Don’t go too hard on yourself if these mistakes happen. Instead, work on them knowing that it’s perfectly natural.

When you are suffering from a setback, it is wise to be patient. Give yourself some time and space. Do something that will help you to positively go through the negative times. Go for a vacation or read a new book to boost yourself.

When You’re Starting Out, Know You’re a Beginner

If you are a beginner, know that every individual has something new to learn. No matter what his skill level is. One has to put in the hours while they are doing something new. To be the master of what you are doing, you will make mistakes at the start. There will be disappointments. But it is just part and parcel of the whole journey.

Just keep in mind that failure is part of success. It is certainly not something telling you to give up. Invest your time and labor while you are doing something new. Be ready to practice patience while you are at it. Especially if you suffer from anxiety.

You Can’t Please Everyone

Even if you give your best efforts, there will always be some people not satisfied with your performance. If you are an anxious person, you might need to train your mind to cope with this.

You need to know that sometimes not everyone will give negative feedbacks. Even if some do give some negative feedbacks, you need to take it positively. Sometimes it is your internal thought process that is bugging you.

Know that punishment is part of your life as an entrepreneur. In psychological terms, punishment is the situation when something good has been taken away. It can also refer to negative feedbacks to our actions. By being self-aware, one can practice how one can appropriately in these situations.

“Non-reward” are cases when you don’t get any feedback from others. This can happen when you have pitched a business idea via email but got no response at all. Don’t take this personally. Learn to move on and try more and more. Patience is the key factor here.

Learn to Receive Negative Feedbacks

It is not always about avoiding negative feedbacks or disappointments. You have to learn to receive negative comments. This does not mean you receive it in an unstructured manner from anyone. If you prefer structured criticism, then consider going to a therapist. Or it can be someone you trust.

A trusted co-worker can be a great person to get a good opinion of yourself. You will be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself from others’ opinions. This will help you to be a much better entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is a challenging yet exciting way of living. Anxiety should not stop you from becoming an awesome entrepreneur. Don’t worry about small things. There are so many things for you to learn in this world.

Make the best use of your time. Why not give techniques like the 5-hour rule a try? If you are an anxious individual like me, don’t be even more anxious about it. Use your resources productively and be patient. Success will definitely come and knock on your door.


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