Australian Visionary Builds an Uber-like Website for Personal Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts

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Uber has revolutionized the way we look at transportation forever. Through the use of smartphones, gone are the days where one would spend several minutes failing miserably at hailing cabs, and waiting hours for the rain to stop just to move from one spot to another.

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Accountant David Forsyth thought of adopting Uber’s on-demand service to the personal fitness industry. The 37-year-old from Victoria, Australia went online to search for a personal trainer and had difficulty in finding one. He was surprised to discover that there were no services that offered consolidated databases in which he could easily select from.

“Once I had found a trainer, I asked if having a search engine would help their businesses find new clients and they immediately said absolutely. Also, there was no easy way to book and pay for these sessions. It required multiple text messages to agree on a time, and paying was pretty much a hassle too,” said David.

Inspired by Uber’s tech, he thought of building an Uber-like website that connected fitness trainers and potential customers. His vision is to “develop a web app that can allow personal trainers to focus all their efforts on training their clients rather than spending time looking for them.”

Local web developers pegged his project at AU$7,500 to AU$10,000, which was well above his budget. David knew that this primary quote would further increase down the road since the website was pretty complex.

A colleague from his office suggested he try hiring a developer from Knowing that he had limited options available, he took a shot despite being uncertain of the online platform.

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Out of the several bids he received, David hired Indian software developer Manish Malviya. “Being able to review the freelancer's previous works and ratings gave me confidence that he could build my site, even though it was technically challenging. allowed me to communicate with Manish thoroughly. I was able to share my vision and discuss the basic prototype for the website,” said David.

David required a website with the following features:

  • Allow personal trainers to register their information (like Uber drivers)

  • Allow clients to register their information (like Uber passengers)

  • Allow personal trainers to set their hourly prices

  • Match personal trainers and clients based on their location

  • Book a personal training session online including processing of payment

  • Record the personal training session in a calendar, which can be accessed by the personal trainer to see all sessions booked by client and in which location

After four weeks of communicating back-and-forth, the beta website was ready to go live. The website cost David AU$2,650.

“There was no way I’d be able to move this quickly if I did all this by myself, and the cost was far cheaper than hiring locally. Yet, the quality is just as good. I learned so much from Manish in regard to developing a website in WordPress to hosting services and security. Now that I have full confidence in how Freelancer works, I'm ready to work on my next project,” added David.

Australian Visionary Builds an Uber-like Website for Personal Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts - Image 3 works as an avenue for visionaries and entrepreneurs to build their dreams without breaking the bank. Aside from the budget-friendly bids, employers also have access to the world’s best talents.

As of writing, David is developing the app for the said website. His main resource in building the app --

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