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Since joining Freelancer in 2008, I have built a full-time writing and editing business over more than 13 years. But it hasn’t been easy. It takes time, dedication and an ability to connect with people from different countries and cultures.

And you are only as good as the last project you’ve delivered. 

I do not remember how long ago I joined the Preferred Freelancer Program. It was so long ago. But once I joined, it was like I became part of an online family working and connecting with recruiters. Recruiters notify me of projects that match my skill set. I can then choose to bid on the project or not. 

Becoming a preferred freelancer allowed me to build my business much quicker.

Now I can bid on projects with higher budgets as preferred freelancers only pay project fees on milestone release. Before joining the preferred freelancer project, there was a limit on what projects I bid on. Paying project fees on high budget projects before doing the work was tough financially. 

These days I rarely bid on projects outside the program. Not because I do not want to, I simply do not need to or have the time. Another good thing about the program is we have preferred freelancer support. This means we get the support we need quickly. Freelancer support listens to the issue and deals with it swiftly. 

I highly recommend the preferred freelancer program if you are serious about building a freelance business.

It shows clients that you are the best of the best on the platform. As a preferred freelancer,clients can be assured that you know what you are doing and that you have the experience to do the projects you bid on. This gives clients additional peace of mind.


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Passionate writer, journalist and editor

Kym is an Australian freelance writer with a passion for words. She has more than 20 years’ experience across all facets of the publishing industry. Across her career, Kym has worked as a journalist and subeditor for newspapers, as a contract author and editor for corporate projects, as well as freelancing on and off since 1999. Kym writes across almost all genres and topics including: … product ...

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