The 7 Best Internet Marketing Strategies Of 2017 

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The internet has proven to be one of the most exciting and informative technological innovations of all time. It has continued to grow exponentially since its invention, and experts predict the growth will be continuous and substantial as the years go by.

A great many organizations and individuals have succeeded from internet marketing strategies. The internet has proven to be one of the world’s best ways to really advance in your own business and career. In this article, we will take a look at 7 of the best internet marketing strategies that will definitely work for you.

Target Market Analysis

It is very important to determine exactly who you are selling your product or availing your skills to. Your target audience determines the kind of approach you will use on the internet. Numerous organizations make surveys regarding user demographics every day. Most of the questions to review include, who are our customers? What are our customer needs? The company’s goals and objectives. What are our company resources? Who are our competitors?   

Once you have successfully determined your audience, you can make valid choices on the kind of approach that will work best.

Websites and blogs are one of the surest ways to attract an audience. Creating fun websites using Drupal, or simply ensuring there is a blog installation for your services, allows a great deal of customers to browse through what you have to offer.

However, setting up a website or blog is not enough. You must continue to identify and attract prospective customers. Considering the internet’s potential, you can make your website absolutely irresistible using graphic design or animation.

Building a relationship with your customers encourages them, and converts them into long-term customers. It is imperative to work on steps that support the relationship-building process. Create a system that will keep customers coming back for more through email Marketing. Allow your customers to give feedback, or ask questions directly. By putting together such communication strategies, you will earn customer loyalty that will develop your business.


Successfully identifying lead generation and the most attractive prospects will greatly improve your internet marketing strategy. As an online marketer, you should be able to investigate the customer’s preferences. Observe click-stream patterns, and jump on the new trends that are presented.

After conducting a marketing audit on what is trending, or at least most preferred, it should be evident where customers lie or what improvements need to be made to reach them. Using Google analytics allows you to build on the strengths you can exploit, work on marketing strategies and overcome weaknesses. 

Your marketing strategy can include content writing on the fresh emerging trends. The key is to gain an understanding of your customer’s preferences and lifestyle. With this increased customer knowledge, you can use after effects on your website or your marketing posts. The customer base and customer retention definitely improves.

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Marketing using Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is a fun way of taking advantage of the internet, especially in your marketing activities. With augmented reality, the consumer's need and reason to make a purchasing decision rises.

Before purchasing something, the consumer wants to inform themselves about certain products or services. New, exciting digital technologies allow consumers to express a certain kind of involvement and feel the importance of products.

Customers sometimes need motivation to pay attention to a certain product and commit to a purchase. The use of virtual assistants increases the consumer’s involvement and attitude. Through design material such as Photoshop, fun 5 star Website design or even using awesome animation software with Adobe Flash, the consumer’s feelings and emotions are triggered, influencing the decision to purchase the product.

Data Visualization  

Data visualization is vital in using the internet successfully. The quantitative information includes a directed review of tactics that helps with your e-business.

Numerical data could be appearing in such vast amounts that technological aid is required to understand it. Over the years the internet has developed a number of tools to interpret such data directly from your own website. Data Entry has allowed online marketers to discover your customer’s preferences and purchasing life-cycles.

Successful data entry, even using Excel, reveals statistics such as who your best customers are. What channels bring them to us? Which internet marketing initiative generates the most profitable customers? Which online customers chose to buy from offline channels? What products or services were mostly sold during a particular time period?

Google analytics also plays a major role in finding out the exact data visualization needed for an online marketer. Using these tools, you can determine your customer's interests, the required segments to track, the most effective target market campaign, and the most effective communication mode.

Over the years the internet has opened its doors to a sea of individuals and businesses all across the globe. As an online marketer, competition is inevitable. Other tools used for data visualization, such as Transcription, can help you study your competitors. It is imperative to search for facts such as, what is their best market niche? What information are their customers looking for?  What image do their own customers have of them? What is their selling process?

The internet provides a number of mediums that allow users to research, and beat their competitors. Analyzing data allows online marketers to understand customers and increase customer relationship, improve customer service and increase customer loyalty.

Paid Media

This refers to external marketing efforts, and involves paying other outlets with the aim of driving traffic and consumers your way. Social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat have emerged as good ways to market your product and services.

Social sites have proven to be one of the best internet marketing tools. Display ads that run on social media are one of the most sure and direct ways to drive traffic to your website or blog. The use of Pay per Click on the ads that are displayed is an assurance you will earn from your own content.

To make sure you gain from paid advertising, you must attract your customer base to the ad so they will click on it. Editing allows you to make a killer impression, increasing the amount of people who will be viewing your site. Logo designs are also a surefire way to increase your market.

According to experts, buying and selling goods and services through social media is only expected to rise. Other viable ways is through approaching some of social media’s relevant figures for affiliate marketing. The aim is to pay the individual to market your goods and services. This will make their followers check out your products or services, increasing your market.

Creating a brand

Consumers are faced with an immoderate sea of marketing information every day. This has forced them to establish their own habits on purchasing decisions, based on the most common guide for consumers in the market or their preferred brand based on experience. 

Creating a brand that will allow your consumers to remember and access your services is therefore very important. Drupal allows you to create a unique and easily memorable website, driving customers your way. Adobe Flash software is also an easy and fun way to create a brand for yourself.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming can be considered the natural extension of video marketing. This is a great way to increase engagement, and increase new social media followers. The sensational practice has become quite the trend in the online marketing world. Live video streaming leads to the increased customer base, and social media followers.

Major online networks have been adding live streaming functionalities to drive clients and revenues. It is currently one of the biggest online marketing strategies of 2017.

Summing it up

Traditional (offline) marketing strategies are still being used widely all around the globe. Huge organizations and co-operations still spend millions investing in these strategies. The offline community, however, has limited new marketing options. The internet offers users unlimited possibilities and options. Online marketing is much more affordable, and has given rise to various businesses, organizations and customers.

Do you have any internet marketing strategies you would like to share with us? We would love to read your comments! Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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