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You’re probably among the millions of visitors who go to his website every single day just to have a good laugh. On Thursday, November 5, join us as we welcome Ray Chan, CEO and founder of one of the world’s most successful viral websites, 9GAG. Ray will be on Warrior TV to talk about conversions, traffic, and the failures and biggest wins of the site and their team.

Ray co-founded 9GAG in 2008. It all began with the idea of creating a platform apart from email where people can share funny photos and videos with other users. At that time, MSN Messenger was popular in Hong Kong but they wanted something that’s easier and more fun to use. With that, was born.

What started out as a side project seven years ago turned out as a user-generated content powerhouse today. Memes, gags, videos, and GIFs are shared countless times daily. 9GAG generates 2 billion pageviews per month and has over 26 million Facebook fans - an epic success that Ray and the rest of the team did not expect.

How did the team achieve all this? Hear it straight from the King of Traffic himself, Ray Chan. Get insights on how to draw millions of visitors, how to grow your revenue, and how your site can become a household name too. Discover these and more by tuning in on Warrior Forum on Thursday, Nov. 5, 7PM EST. Reserve your seat here.

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