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Cloud technology has come a long way. You can now take advantage of it to back up all your data and information and then access what you need, whenever you need it. That said, you need to be very careful about the cloud storage provider you choose. Mistakes can cost you all your information. Internet hackers may interfere with your privacy too. For these reasons, you need to choose the right cloud storage provider. How do you go about doing it? What should you consider?

1.     Determine What Your Data Privacy Needs Are

What kind of data do you want to store in the cloud? What level of privacy are you looking for?

Data can be either private or public, and you might be working with both kinds. It’s therefore very important to consider cloud storage technology in terms of privacy. Some cloud storage providers only backup private data while others backup public data.

If you feel that your data needs are likely to change over time, select a cloud storage provider that offers a hybrid model. That way, you would be able to take advantage of the services provided to store both public and private data when you need to.

2.     Determine What Your Data Type Is

Depending on your business or personal needs, your data can either be structured or unstructured. It’s also worth noting that data can be relational or transactional. Some cloud storage providers are only capable of storing one type of data, while others are capable of storing multiple types of data.

You need to find a storage provider whose systems are scalable and suited to the kind of data you want to store. That way, if you need to increase or reduce the amount of data or information stored in the cloud, you can make the transition easily.

3.     Determine Your Preferred Security Features

The last thing you would want is to see your private information out in public for all to see. That’s what happens if your cloud storage provider is not secure enough. It is imperative that you consider the security features on offer.

Consider the authentication process. What authentication details are required before one can access the data center? Also consider the encryption technology used to keep your data secure and unreadable to unauthorized people. The monitoring and detection mechanisms for identifying data breaches are also worth considering. The presence or absence of a data breach response team is an important criterion too. In the end, the cloud technology provider you choose should have the most stringent security mechanisms available.

4.     Determine Regulation Compliance

Each country in the world has its own set of rules and regulations that govern how digital and physical data should be stored and accessed. You need to determine whether the cloud storage provider you prefer is compliant with local and international regulations that affect how your data is stored and accessed. Consider whether the storage service provider always passes audits to this effect.

If your data storage provider complies with all important regulations, you should consider the company trustworthy. This trustworthiness will affect how your clients view your business’ ability to protect their data.

5.     Consider Data Distribution Centers

Excellent cloud storage facilities should have varied data storage centers. These centers can be distributed both locally and internationally.

Data distribution centers matter. Should anything happen to the primary data center where main servers are located, the secondary data centers should be able to continue working. That way, you can still access your data in the cloud even if natural disasters affect the location where the primary storage servers are.

6.     Consider The Cost Implications

Having cloud storage backup is not free. You will need to pay for the privilege of backing up your data in the cloud, where it can be accessed from around the world.

You should consider the cost of cloud storage in terms of storage size vs. price. How much space would you get for the money you pay? How does it compare across cloud storage providers? In the long term, is the cost worth it when compared to the quality of storage services?

Choosing your cloud storage provider is not a one-day affair, especially when you consider that your choices will have long-term implications that could affect your business. For that reason, consider the extent to which each cloud storage company meets all your important criteria before making the final choice. Always aim to get great value for your money.


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