Content Marketing Strategy (Or Lack Thereof!): The Missing Chapter

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Content is all about quantity…

The more articles you publish, the more infographics you produce, and the more updates you tweet — the better.. right???



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The cat is out of the bag. It’s easy to produce lots of content. Anyone with a website and WordPress can stir up multiple blog posts in a matter of hours.

But that doesn’t mean you should.

Here’s the deal: Negatively adding to the “noise to signal” ratio of online content is not only immoral… it’s a waste of your company’s time.

You’re actually losing money by mass producing your content instead of carefully planning out your marketing mix elements of your content plan.

In this article, I will explain:

  1. How to know if you’re an offender of this heinous crime

  2. Why you need to do something about it

  3. What it’s going to do to your bottom-line (hint: the answer isn’t “lower”)

How to know if you’re a content-marketing criminal

Do your previous blog post titles look anything like this:

  • 3 Ways To Know You Should’ve Been An Astronaut

  • [Video] The Definitive Guide To Taking Out Your Trash

  • How To Tie Your Shoes (Like A Four Year Old!)

Do you surgically implant unnecessary keywords into your article for SEO?

Do you write blog posts right off the top of your head (with no research or pre-planning)?

If you answered yes to any of the above… your business is probably suffering from “overzealous content production syndrome.”

And unfortunately, the diagnosis is grim, unless you make a very large lifestyle change.

Why YOU (yes, you specifically) Need To Overhaul Your Content

You run a small business, startup, or other online-enterprise.

You care about money, right? The thing that keeps your doors open, your employees happy, and your wife’s closet filled with expensive footwear.

Well — I hate to say it — but your lack of content strategy is eating away at your business profits.

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When you focus on mass producing crappy articles and blog posts, you end up with a website that may attract traffic.. but converts almost none.

  • It leads to pissed off search engines – Even if low-quality website content helped you rank higher (spoiler alert: it doesn’t), this still is a terrible pursuit. It just leads to a high bounce rate and short visit-durations. These days, those two metrics combined, are becoming signals for search engines.

  • It leads to confused customers – When your potential customer clicks on your blog post, and actually takes a few minutes out of their busy day to read it — they are giving you their momentary attention. This is extremely valuable… and when your content fails to deliver, you are essentially throwing their gift in the trash.

  • It leads to wasted time + money – There’s a good chance you are often re-producing old content (instead of just promoting it again, or repurposing it into new content forms). Similarly, you might not even be answering questions that your clients have. Both of these lead to wasted time and money spent creating content no one wants to read.

Your content sweat-shop is actually killing your bottom line. It’s probably time to craft a content strategy that can be the centerpiece to all of your marketing efforts.

What A Smart Content Marketing Plan Can Do For YOU

A content marketing plan is essentially the cornerstone to your inbound marketing.

It explains the strategy behind all of your content efforts AND it helps you build a cohesive content-production map (or schedule) so that each piece of content fits into your overall plan.

A content marketing strategy will accomplish a heck of a lot:

  • Develop a sense of brand – You need to figure out who you are so that you can keep a single, strong brand going throughout all of your content mediums.

  • Grow a massive authoritative following – Nobody wants to read a blog about 1,000 different topics… they want answers to their most decisive questions. You are only the subject matter expert on your market… or rather, that’s all that matters to readers (and your bottom-line).

  • Figure out a more efficient way to boost traffic – If you allow all of your content to work together as a team, you’ll reap some huge marketing benefits… more organic traffic, higher conversions, and a happier customer-base.

So how do you accomplish all of that?

It seems daunting.. sure. But in reality, a simple content marketing strategy can be based around a few key questions:

Who are you? Really, explain the personality of your business. You need to get personal here… because that’s exactly what content marketing creates: a personal connection to your readers.

What do you stand for? Figure out the goal of your business. It helps to have a “green” aspect, or some higher motivation behind your startup. It can be as simple as “we want to innovate and improve the world of cupcakes.” But at least know the message you are spreading throughout your content.

What questions are you answering? One of the LARGEST mistakes new businesses make when it comes to content strategy, is trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. Your potential clients have a very specific set of questions (pain points), that you can answer with ease. Just make sure to answer the right questions.

[Tip: A great way to research this, is to check out Reddit, niche related forums, Q+A sites like Quora, or social media discussions. Literally, you can write blog posts based around questions your target market is posting online. These are some of the BEST posts.]

Hopefully this post has given you something to think about in the world of content marketing strategy.

If you leave with nothing else: Remember to produce content for humans (not search engines). They’re the ones enjoying your content.. AND they are the ones that will be purchasing your products or services.

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