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Freelancer Desktop App users, we have exciting news to share! You can now chat with your contacts and track your working hours simultaneously with the improved Desktop App!

Check out the features and benefits for Desktop App users:

• Chat or collaborate with your contacts while tracking your hourly projects.
You don’t have to choose between chatting with contacts and tracking your hours. With the improved Desktop App, you can do both! Stay connected with your contacts while monitoring your working hours.

• View fixed or hourly projects that are in progress.
With the upgraded version, you can view your fixed projects and chat with your contact. You can easily switch access from one project to another. Current version is limited to hourly projects -- however, we have some great plans for fixed projects as well.
• Get proof of your working hours and bill all the hours you work.
The Desktop App takes screenshots of your work every few minutes so that you can show your employers how hard you’ve been working on the project and get paid for it! Based from a comparison of average freelancer earnings between freelancers who use the Desktop App and those who don’t -- we found out that from June to November 2014, app users earn an average of 152% more than those who don’t use the app. That’s huge!
• Increase your chance of getting rehired.
The improved Desktop App will help you build trust with your employer and increase your chance of getting repeat work. In our comparison of the rehire rates of app users, results show that Desktop App users are 10% more likely to be rehired.
What’s next for the Freelancer Desktop App?
We are committed to providing the best freelancing experience to help you get quality work in projects and earn more. In fact, the new chat feature was the most requested feature by our users. So stay tuned for forthcoming, exciting features like session notes on the app, invoicing, screen sharing, and much more! We promise to continue developing and improving effective project management features and tools to make collaboration easier and help you succeed in your freelancing career.

So don’t wait - download the Desktop App and start managing your hourly projects!

We’d like to know what you think, so please leave your comments here or alternatively email us at

Need tips on using the improved Desktop App? Check out our FAQs!

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