Elinor Zucchet, a 33-year-old French translator, loves to travel around the world. She’s set sail for the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Mexico, among others.

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In high school, she spent the summer working as a group leader for French summer camps in order to save for her six-months-long US trip as an exchange student.

“It sounds cliché but I feel alive when I travel. As the quote says, ‘we don't travel to escape life but for life not to escape us’. I get excited like a little kid and I'm eager to discover new landscapes, new animals, and to meet new people,” shared Elinor.

Elinor attended Högskolan Dalarna (Dalarna University) in Sweden for a semester. Then transferred to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid) in Spain for the second semester of her European Tourism Management master’s program.

Eventually, she settled down in Spain and worked in several companies for the next eight years after getting her master’s degree. Elinor worked as a sales manager, a receptionist, a language travel adviser, and a marketing manager.

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She was happy with all the opportunities that came her way, although she missed being on the road. Elinor worked hours on end and had limited chances of doing what she loved most. Despite the uncertainty, she left her office post and chose to freelance.

While looking for freelance work online, she came across articles about earning a living on Freelancer.com. The countless number of positive reviews and recommendations made her decision to sign up on the platform all the more easy. The sheer number of projects ripe for the taking also drew her in.

The Freelancer Experience

Elinor has a couple of skills up her sleeve and has done projects for translation (for English, Spanish, and French), copywriting, and marketing.

She has worked with The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) via an agency on Freelancer. She has translated 70 pages or around 34,000 words for UNESCO’s website.

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“I was in charge of translating a whole website on marine spatial planning. To keep it simple, marine spatial planning helps countries and regions organize human activities in marine areas in order to achieve and combine ecological, economic, and social goals,” shared Elinor.  

The three-week long project earned Elinor US$1,000 and a five-star rating. Her American employer had high praises for her: “Elinor was very professional, she communicated clearly, and was ahead of schedule with her translation services. I would 100% hire her again."

Apart from the good pay, she loved working on the project since it involved nature. “As a nature lover, the UNESCO project was a very fruitful and meaningful project to me. I'm very proud of my work,” she said.

An Opportunity Like No Other

Shifting to work as a full-time freelancer was difficult because only a few local clients stand in need of Elinor’s services. But Freelancer opened doors to international clients and made it easy to find patrons.

Since she began working on Freelancer, she’s been able to visit her family and travel to numerous destinations. Most recently, Elinor went to see the beautiful town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada where she fulfilled a lifelong dream: to see polar bears.

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Aside from her trip to Canada, Freelancer has paved the way for Elinor, together with her long-time boyfriend David, to buy a house and renovate it. “The house was from the 1980's and a lot of work needed to be done. I would never have had enough time with a regular office job, but with Freelancer, I could dedicate weeks for its renovation,” Elinor said.

Thanks to Freelancer, Elinor’s business is thriving. Her projects on the platform have bolstered both her earnings and her portfolio. And now, local clients have taken notice of the work she has done for employers on Freelancer.

Elinor can now travel the world without worrying about her work schedule. And little by little, she is reaching more of her life goals.

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