Freelancer Theme Song

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'There ain't no recession online, you want opportunity come get it. From Hong Kong to Tokyo, Los Angeles to London, Sydney to Singapore'.

These are some of the inspiring words from the latest freelancer theme song. Part of a rich story that is only just starting to be told. is constantly looking for new ways to inspire and share our passion and global vision with the world. 

Original songs, videos, articles, TV ads and more are constantly being submitted. We would love to hear yours.

I personally really enjoy this one because of the uplifting lyrics and almost entrancing beat. 

Let us know what you think in the comments. It created some controversy in the office as we are an eclectic lot with diverse global tastes but the more we listen to it the more we love it.

We hope you do too.

Play it now on SoundCloud.

Dipaparkan 1 Disember, 2014

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