The Advancement of Digital Pen for Handwriting Analysis Software

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Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings, owner and CEO of NeuroScript, has always been intrigued by human body movement. His fascination began when he was taking up his graduate studies (Master of Science in Biophysics) at the University of Nijmegen. Since then, he focused his career on human body movements.

He has been analyzing handwriting movement for 40 years now. “Not only is handwriting the most taught manual skill in the world, it is also the topic of many disciplines,” he said. The study began in 1975, where Dr. Teulings used pen tablets connected to computers to measure, process, and record fine motor control.

Throughout the years, Dr. Teulings has worked with a lot of patients and doctors. He co-organized the first International Graphonomics Conference in 1982. The conference will be having its 18th issue in 2017.


In 1997, Dr. Teulings moved to the USA and co-founded NeuroScript®. The sole aim of the company was to develop both software and hardware that could help understand handwriting. MovAlyzer®, a software that records and analyzes handwriting movement, is the brainchild of Dr. Teulings.

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Aside from the MovAlyzer Rx®, Dr. Teulings and his colleagues produced two more software -- the ScriptAlyzer® and GripAlyzer® -- all of which have contributed to developments in various fields like biology, forensics, and medicine among many others.

Dr. Teulings continued developing the MovAlyzer®. From the ordinary tablet and pen the software used, he wanted to enhance it into something even better.

The pen they were using could only write on a tablet. They wanted to implement a digital pen that can write on an ordinary piece of paper, and at the same time record any real-time movement.

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The reprogramming of the pen was a challenge since a simple mishap in the programming of either the MovAlyzer® or the pen would lead to the instability of either one. Fortunately, Dr. Teulings found a capable programmer for the job -- a freelancer.

Dr. Teulings hired Link911, who had an extensive background in programming. Link911 is from California, so meeting up with him to discuss the project was a huge help for Dr. Teulings.

He spent a mere $800 on Freelancer compared to the thousands of dollars local developers would have priced his project.

“With Freelancer, I acquired within hours very specific expertise to interface a novel digital pen with our software. I cannot stress enough how easy it was to find exactly the right person with the right skill set on Freelancer,” mentioned Dr. Teulings.


A Brighter and Better Tomorrow

“We brought recording and processing of handwriting to a large group of non-programming professional users of many different disciplines. The system is very flexible. It has been used by speech therapists studying stuttering, psychologists studying Braille reading, and even biologists studying ant navigation. But our biggest users are neurologists and psychiatrists who use it in healthcare and forensic document examiners who receive questions about forgery and the like,” shared Dr. Teulings.

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Just like Dr. Teulings, anyone can innovate new technologies that could help the evolution of man. will always be there for visionaries like Dr. Teulings.

Do you have an idea that can bring positive change to the world? Hire a freelancer today.

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