How To Spend The Last 10 Minutes Of Your Work Day

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Time management is something that has to get done judiciously. For an executive or a businessperson, there never seem to be enough hours in a day, so it is quite a challenge to make the best use of available time. The last ten minutes of your work day should be spent reflecting on the achievements of the day, along with preparing for the next one. These ten minutes can be quite significant: you are organizing your workspace, tidying up your desk, planning the next day’s schedule, signing out of your email, and contemplating the day’s events. Scheduling effectively for the next day will help you get off to a flying start the next morning. You should walk out of your office with ease and confidence, not with your head full of worries and tension.

Spend the last ten minutes wisely. Start winding up and prepare for tomorrow’s tasks in advance, be it an important meeting or a to-do list while checking what has already been done. This way you will have a clear mind about what lies ahead. It is very important for your well-being and sanity, not to forget productivity, to ensure you maximize the last few minutes before shutting the lid of your laptop, and getting out of the door in time.

Organizing your desk at the end of the day reduces stress and is a great way to boost productivity, as you will return to a clean and organized desk the next morning. Sign out of your chat and work email so you will be able to disconnect from the office, leaving all your work-related issues behind, and going home with a relaxed mind.

The infographics suggest ways to spend the last ten minutes in the office in the most effective manner. The best option is to keep them on the table or someplace where it is easily visible, so you know exactly what to do when your mind gets tired, and it’s time to go home.

Update Your Work List

Ensure that you have checked off everything you have completed today, making a clear-cut plan for tomorrow. Your list for the next day should include anything important you did not get round to yet, making sure nothing slips your mind.

Move the Less Important Meetings to the Following day

All meetings to be held at the end of the day tend to become unproductive, as by that time energy levels are low and people tend to switch off. If meetings are rescheduled for the following morning, people will be fresh, and there is more chance of productive results.

Before Leaving Say Goodbye to your Colleagues

It is necessary to say goodbye to your colleagues when you leave for the day. A friendly goodbye will help build a good rapport with them. Goodbye should be said in such a way that you do not disturb or distract others who are still working.

Organize Your Desk

Half your time gets wasted on activities such as finding files or other information. An organized desk assists you in thinking strategically and clearly, and also helps keep your priorities right. Don’t clutter your desk with extra stationary, or more files than required. All unneeded paperwork should be kept aside, so it does not get in the way when you are working. You can use the last ten minutes of the day organizing things so you start your day with a clean and organized desk, free of any clutter.

Sign Out of Chat and Work Email

Before leaving your office, you should ensure that you sign out of your work email and disable chat notifications on your phone. The use of an auto-responder is a must, as it will notify all those who are trying to communicate with you that you will respond to their emails the following day. This enables you to go home with a free mind, allowing your brain to recharge and re-energize. In fact, you should leave all your work-related problems in the office itself and go home with a clear and relaxed mind.

Reduce Mental Strain

You can do a brain dump by writing down whatever comes to mind that is important and needs to be remembered. Always keep a diary or a blank paper where you can simply jot down vital points that can later transform into a to-do list. This will help to reduce any lingering worries.

Reflect on Your Day

The last few minutes of the day can be used to reflect on the achievements and failures of the entire day. Although accomplishments, if written down, can boost your confidence and lead to long-term happiness, introspecting before you leave your office can let you leave your work day behind and reach home in a good mood. Besides the good performance of the day, you can reflect on what you plan to do in the future that will make a difference.

Stay Focused and Test Your Time Management Skills

Since you are tired at the end of the day, you should stay focused and not get distracted with activities not related to your work. Although it is the end of the day, testing your time management skills is important. You must still successfully decide on the responses that should be sent immediately, and those that can wait. The same holds true for conversations. Sensitive conversations can be deferred to the next morning as you and your colleagues will be in the best frame of mind. If there is an important decision to be taken,stepping back gives you overnight time to introspect, and think of some effective reaction.

Determining the Main Goal for the Next Day

Successful people spend the last ten minutes of their day making a list of items, along with identifying the main goal they will pursue the next morning. There may be two or three points on your mind, but getting everything down on paper is the best way to focus on the most important issues with a clear head.

Thank Everyone and Leave on a Positive Note

A great workplace or office gets built on a foundation of gratitude and thanksgiving. If you create a habit of thanking everyone at the end of the day, it will raise your happiness level, allowing you to leave pleasantly. Another way to boost your happiness level is to leave the office with a smile on your face, this will leave a good impression on everyone at the end of the day.

If you are one of those people who are usually in a great rush, trying to get everything done but often messing up, make these ten minutes the most valuable by carrying out the few simple changes suggested above. Even if you try just one of these tips, you will notice that these ten minutes will make you more productive. You will be in more control of the day, not to mention happier and more organized.

How do you spend the last ten minutes of your work day? Do you follow a similar workflow? Is it something else that helps you manage your schedule effectively? Let us know in the comments below.


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