How to Win More Freelance Work This 2017

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Oftentimes, freelancers come to us with the same old question: “How do I land more projects?” This question, which seems so simple, yet so complex, leaves freelancers clueless.

If you ever find yourself asking the same question, worry not. Below are some of the steps we recommend you to do to win more freelance work this 2017.

how to win more freelance work

Acquire more skills

Never stop learning. EVER. Acquiring new skills does not only broaden your capabilities and areas where you can land jobs but also makes you more attractive to potential clients.

The more you know about different fields, the bigger picture you get of how to do business, which will lead you to deliver high-quality projects and become a wiser and more professional you.

Publish articles on topics you know a lot about

Are you good at what you do? If yes, why not share your expertise with our community and with the rest of the world online?

This will show how much you really know about a topic/skill while positioning you as the reference. Remember that not only freelancers read these articles, so do potential employers who will most likely choose the expert whenever they post a new project.

Got something to share? Submit an article to our Community blog.

Spend an extra hour a day hunting for projects

Spend more time hunting down projects to maximize your chances of getting hired, especially for the high-valued ones. You need to bid more to start getting more results. However, don't bid on random projects. Analyze each project and find out if you’re a good fit for it and if you have the right skills needed.

Update your profile

New year, new you. If you've read my recent article, you will notice that this is something I constantly mention. Why? Because at the end of the day, you are your own brand, and you need to start being a brand that will spark interest and earn the trust of potential clients.

By having a sloppy and outdated profile, you will be reflecting the exact opposite of what you want to be. You want to look as trustworthy and as professional as you can so you need to design your profile accordingly.

Go ahead and start building the best-looking profile now. Need some tips? We got your back.

The year has just started, and it is up to you to win more work and achieve the best for your freelance career. Don't waste another minute. Follow these simple tips and you will make it big in no time!


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