If you’re not using Facebook ads, you should be!

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Eight reasons Facebook ads are the best thing you can do for your marketing campaign. 

With digital marketing being at the core of every online business, it can often be a minefield to know which direction to take next. Social media, vlogging, lead generation…all viable, all accessible, and all requiring their own set of specialized skills to execute a successful strategy. 

If you're running a small business and you wear many hats every day; the reality is that you cannot do it all! You must choose between your beret and your bandana and decide which channels to put your marketing energy into, because if you give a fraction of effort on each platform then the chances of seeing a strong ROI (return on investment) become slim.

So, I just want to ask; have you tried Facebook ads yet?

Facebook ads are the apple to the pie of modern day digital marketing, and it still surpasses all understanding that businesses aren't yet on board with their potential to take your business to the next level.

Facebook ads are copy and an image (created by you or a freelance professional) which appear in the news feed, or right-hand column, of a Facebook user whose social behavior on the platform has matched certain criteria set by you.

To give a real-life example, if f person A (we'll call her Jane), likes or comments on person B's (Frank) shared post from the local baker (Cakes ‘R' Us); Jane will start to see Facebook ads from ‘Baker's Oven', ‘Fondant Fancy' and ‘John Russel Bakery.'

As long as, that is, Baker's Oven, Fondant Fancy and John Russel Bakery have all signed up to a Facebook ad campaign.

While there's a cost involved, you have complete control over the dent to your budget when you run a Facebook ads campaign. You can choose to pay every time someone clicks your link, or you can set a cost per mile budget which covers 1,000 impressions or clicks on your ad.

When you create your ad, you'll bid higher or lower for your ad to appear on certain social activities, and the higher your bid, the more chance you have of getting shown.

When you execute a Facebook ad campaign, you can't control how many people will click your ad which puts some people off of signing up.

But what you can control is the following:

·         The content of the ad

·         Your website copy which the user will see once they've clicked on your ad.

·         Your budget.

With those variables in place, you have a lot more control over the success of your targeted campaign than initially appears from the outset.

If this is the first you're hearing about Facebook ads, have a quick look now. Look on the right side of your Facebook newsfeed and see how this relates to your recent activity. Can you visualize your own ad there for your target market (that's people who have already shown an interest in similar services), to see you in all of your marketing glory?

If you're not using Facebook ads, here are ten excellent reasons you should rectify that immediately!

1)    The potential for reach.

According to Statisa, at the third quarter of 2016, there were 1.7 billion active users on Facebook. That's a lot of people. But not only that, those people share 684,478 pieces of business content PER MINUTE according to Domo. And it is those trackable actions which lead people to your ad.

Open slather to your target market? We think so!

2)    Precise targeting.

Facebook use a sophisticated algorithm formula to decide who to show your ad to which, proven by looking at your own ad space, you can see pretty much hits the spot every time. The power of your ad is dependent on you, but the targeting is reliable every time. Not only have they identified your target market for you, but they've also determined that they're active in your niche and have been browsing, searching, commenting and might just need one last push to take action – enter your Facebook ad.

Where do you sign?!

3)    Facebook Remarketing.

Imagine if you could give people who visited your website but didn't take action one last reminder of you and your awesome product? Ahem – well now you can! Facebook re-marketing does just that and shows visitors to your site your ad once they've moved on.

They're already lukewarm but haven't quite committed to buying – catch them while they're hot Facebook remarketing; we thank you!

4)    Call feature.

No not cool feature, (although this is a cool feature); but call feature! Facebook ads take into account the paramount stat released by Facebook that 1.09 billion of its 1.8 billion users access the social networking site on a mobile device.

So, picture this:

Someone who needs your specific service is scrolling on their mobile; they notice your ad, click on it and lo and behold – there's a prompt to get them to call you! Talk about a sales opportunity!! Just one scroll and they're right there on the phone to you!

While it's equally important to get people to your website (where Facebook ads direct those who find you on a desktop), the cool call feature is CTA gold for your marketing or sales campaign.

5)    Easily track results.

There's nothing worse than committing to a paid advertising campaign and realizing halfway through that you want to amend your campaign because you're not getting the results you expected, and finding that you can't.

When you stumble upon this scenario, it can become quite costly but Facebook ads let you track performance and alter your campaign as you go depending on your results. The data provided as part of a Facebook ads campaign is thorough, in-depth and as you can make amendments to your existing campaign on the fly, you have better opportunity to reach your target market and get a higher ROI.

You can see in details who your ad was shown to, how many times, and how they acted when they saw it. Cool hey?

6)    Stand out from the crowd.

There's no doubt that the online space is noisy and to get yourself noticed you need to shout louder than your competitor. Facebook ads is still a relatively untapped market, and the chances are that your competitor isn't there yet. By creating a Facebook ad campaign, you will gain a competitive edge and get yourself shown in the news feeds of their target market too.

7)    Organic reach of your business page is dwindling.

On June 1, 2016, Facebook changed its algorithm to ensure that it's users only saw content which was of interest to them. This meant that rather than showing your business posts to hundreds of users as had previously been the case; they now only choose people who have displayed a genuine interest in your content. This has left many businesses with a very small organic reach which has had grave consequences for free Facebook marketing.

Paid Facebook ads are the way forward if you want to make sure that this once profitable reach climbs again.

8)    Facebook ads are different to boosted posts.

If you think that a $7 boosted post will get you anywhere near the ROI as a Facebook ad, I'm sorry to say that you're mistaken. Boosted posts are simply shown to the demographic selected by you, regardless of their interests and previous actions.

Facebook ads are gaining in popularity and, as the number of Facebook users continues to rise, so does the potential to get your ad in front of thousands of users who share your interests! If you're not quite sure where to start with a strategy and ad campaign, a freelance copywriter or marketing expert who is proficient in Facebook ads will execute a strategy that has the potential to put your product in front of thousands of targeted users.

Your business deserves its share of the ad action, so start today!


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