Important Questions You Need to Ask Your New Freelancers

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Working as the coordinator for the Case Study program, I have had the opportunity to write about the successful stories of freelancers and employers alike. The stories of the two always have something in common -- questions.


Employer and freelancer success stories are very dependent on questions. For freelancers to know more about the details of a project, they must continuously ask questions until they have everything clarified. Inquiries are not only done during the onset of the project but all throughout the endeavor. By doing so, they will gain a better understanding of what their employers want, which makes the project completion easier for both parties.


As an employer, you already have a vision of the product you want to be made. It is up to your freelancer to materialize that vision. The communication between the two of you is key to achieve your desired result.


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Here are some useful questions you should ask your newly hired freelancers:


1. “Where are you from? What time is it over there?”


Since Freelancer connects people all over the world, there is often a huge chance of working with someone on a different continent and time zone. It is very important for you to know about these details because they will determine the work schedule. Once you know the time difference, you can now map a project timeline and provide the freelancer with due dates and expected deliverables.


Moreover, knowing the time difference helps both parties to determine the most suitable time to catch up (either through chat or video call). Maybe a little adjustment would be required from either side, but that’s nothing compared to having clear and constant communication.


Read more about working within different time zones here.


2. “Will you be able to finish the project by…?”


Once you brief your freelancer on the project details, the next thing to do is to agree on deadlines. Knowing when the project completion is expected will help the freelancers create realistic milestones.


This question should always be on the mind of freelancers as well. In order to get good reviews from employers, freelancers must be punctual in submitting their deliverables. A good review is earned by delivering great quality projects and rendering high-quality service. When talking about quality service, that includes striving to complete the projects on schedule.


3. “What can you suggest?”


It’s always great to have a fresh set of eyes for a project. There’s nothing wrong in asking freelancers for their comments. Freelancers can share a few tricks of the trade and tips to improve your original idea.


Some employers choose to post contests to crowdsource ideas from freelancers all over the globe. A winning entry can then undergo a final revision based on the feedback of the employer.

The next time you hire freelancers, make sure to ask these questions to start a peaceful and fruitful working relationship with them. For even better results, talk to our Recruiter Team and find the right freelancers for your project.

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