Key Elements of an Executive Summary

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An executive summary is a concise document of a management report or a business plan or a proposal and is considered to be the most important section. It is often prepared after the complete report or plan is finalized and is between 1 and 4 pages, typically. 

There is a wealth of information available on this topic; however, I have tried to collate information from some interesting articles on this topic and put it in a nutshell for the benefit of the community.

  • As the executive summary presents the reader with an essence of the report, it should focus on the most important information without delving much into minor details.
  • More importantly, it should be interesting enough to compel the reader to go through the complete document
  • Although it may vary depending upon the nature and objective of the report, and the audience it is intended towards, an executive summary should  broadly touch upon:

  - the unique selling proposition

  - the market or target customers

  - the company description and its legal form

  - the pain points and your solution or funding requirement.

  - the urgency or why now? This is critical as it addresses the timing part.

  •  It should also touch upon the financials briefly.
  •  It should be concise, clear and succinct enough for the reader to understand and drive home the message!



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