9 Key Strategies To Write Clickable Content For Every Social Network

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Social media is the in thing. People spend more than an hour every day scrolling through newsfeeds, and checking what their friends are up to. This is why businesses are increasingly looking to social media to search for potential customers, turning them into loyal clients. The way to achieve this is through clickable content. If you have managed to create content that gets people interested and drives traffic to your blog, you have won half the battle.

Business people spend time and money researching ways to gain prospective customers, but sometimes gain nothing at all. The idea is to provide quality content on social media, with values that compel the viewer to click on your site and engage with your brand. Below we identify nine key strategies to help to make your social media content clickable. You can boost your sales by converting these strategies into a sales-generating funnel.

Provide readers with clear and explicit values

Your viewers or audience are real people with tangible needs or goals. But one thing is certain - they always seem to be in a hurry. Before providing content for them, you need to understand their individual requirements and what exactly they want, so you can modify your content to help solve their problems.

You should consider why they would click on your site. Put yourself in a user’s shoes - they are probably asking themselves how they will benefit from going through your content. How can their problems be avoided, or how will you give them what they need? You should have done your homework thoroughly, and be ready with the answers. Give your readers the benefit of a tailor-made response, so they are impressed with your work.  This will generate more clicks for your social media content.

Interact with your audience directly

A great way to connect with your audience is by writing in the second person. This makes it more personal; also, your writing is easier to connect with when you use words like “you” or “yours”. The idea is to increase conversion rates, and this is best done if you make your content personal, engaging your audience from the beginning.

In addition to making it personal, check your posts are inspiring enough to get instant clicks. You need to move people to connect with it, not just glance and move on.

Keep it simple and use active voice

If you want to make your content writing popular amongst readers, make it as simple as possible. Use short words, and short paragraphs that are easy to understand. It is a misconception that readers will be attracted if you sound smarter. If they do not understand your content, they will just move on.

Using active voice is another way to help keep sentence structure simple and easy. Your target audience will only read your content if it is straightforward, and will only share with their friends if it is understandable.

Arouse curiosity in the minds of readers

A social media post will be full of life if it rouses the curiosity of the readers. One way of doing it is to ask a question, making them think about the topic - but make sure the question is not in the header if you are using it for clickbait. Another way to arouse curiosity among readers is to use a quote, or some interesting information they are not expecting. Whatever strategy you use, your post should fulfil their curiosity, instead of promising to and then not delivering.

Call to Action (CTA)

A good way to gather clicks it by including a call to action at the end of your post, asking your readers to click further. This is sometimes overlooked, but a CTA does affect the traffic to your content.

Adding Visual Aids

People generally respond better to visual information. If you view the profiles of your rivals on social media, you will see that images, infographics, and videos are shared more than others. So, if you want your content to be shared, you should make it fit for visual learners. Next time you are planning the content strategy for your business, make sure you include videos, images and graphic designs. Everything should contain your logo, or have a link to your website or blog. This will drive more traffic to your content on social media.

Allow your content to be shared easily

Research shows the majority of clicked articles are shared by friends or close contacts, and not from publishers. This tells you most of the social media posts you click on are written by people you do not know, but they are your readers or fans.

Adding Social Media Buttons

Adding social media buttons is often ignored, but it is very important if you want your content to be shared. Make sure the buttons are visible, and move along when the page is scrolled. This way readers will be able to share content at any point. A few words of encouragement, or a call to action close to the social media buttons will also help.

Before Optimizing, keep all individual social networks in mind

Although these strategies work for all social networks, there are certain specific points to be kept in mind for individual networks.

Facebook: While posting on Facebook, the headlines can be edited and excerpts procured from meta-data, which can be changed by clicking on the text. Avoid using words like “shop now” or “buy now”, as overly promotional posts do not do well on Facebook. Focus on true engagement with the posts, by using the above strategies.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn data suggests that linking your posts to the “best of” list will tend to get your content noticed, thus increasing the chances of clicks.

Twitter: A tweet is limited to 140 characters, but images and links are not counted. Always try to include an attractive GIF, video or image with your tweet to increase the number of clicks.

Instagram: Your bio is the only place where you can link your organic Instagram content. Though Instagram content is great for engagement, it is quite challenging for clicks. Updating your bio content regularly is likely to attract more.

Pinterest: To attract the attention of Pinners, you should post vertical images as they take more space. Portrait-oriented pins are sure to get more clicks.

Social media has undoubtedly become a very powerful promotional tool for your content writing, and without needing any financial investment. Just make sure to use them the right way, to get positive results. If you want to go further, browse freelancer.com for new strategies to maximize your content on social media platforms.

What do you think of these 9 strategies for writing clickable content for social networks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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