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How much do you know about Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns? Do you wish you knew more about AdWords, PR or social media? If you’re an aspiring PPC specialist and online marketer, you might want to check out the highlights of the free Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) event which happened on Thursday, January 15 (EST) featuring guest expert, Larry Kim about PPC campaigns, social media advertising, and PR. Registration for the event was free for everyone but the summary and highlights of the event will be accessible to War Room members only.

About the Guest Speaker

Larry Kim is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Wordstream Marketing Agency. He is a PPC, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and PR expert. Here are the three key areas of interest which he has addressed:

  • Paid Search

He has analyzed nearly $10 Billion in PPC/AdWords spends and arguably knows more about how AdWords works than anyone on the planet. He also does Twitter and Facebook Ads.

  • Early Stage Startups

He has experience in super early stage startups having recently bootstrapped a company from nothing at all to a successful +$10M / year + 150 employee +2000 customer software company. He’s the top columnist at Inc. Magazine.

  • SEO/Content Marketing/PR

He regularly does a ton of content marketing and PR stuff. His content has generated tens of thousands of press pick-ups in the last few years. His blog does a million visitors per month!

You can just imagine the wealth of information that Larry Kim shared with his WAMA audience. He is indeed the expert to follow and watch out for in PPC, SEO, PR, and content marketing!

About WAMA and War Room Membership

We hope you’re one of the hundreds who registered for free and witnessed the WAMA event. If you are a War Room member, you will notice that the event was made accessible inside the War Room shortly after the event concluded. Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events are Q&A video interviews where Warriors can ask questions and get free advice from industry leaders and online marketing experts.

However, the access for the recorded WAMA session is available to War Room members only, so we encourage you to be a War Room member. For a yearly membership fee of just $97, you can enjoy its numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Get access to secrets shared by top Internet marketers

The War Room is filled with over 161 pages of valuable content and actionable resources. You’ll be amazed at the content value people are sharing in the War Room. You could choose any thread to read and study. The content inside is well worth the annual membership fee!

2. Get hours of Q&A video recordings from the best experts

Get access to regular sessions of Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events. After the live stream, we record every event and upload all the recordings to the War Room. You get exclusive access to the recordings featuring experts like Rand Fishkin, cofounder of and Noah Kagan, CEO of, to name a few.

3. Get amazed with awesome War Room special deals

In our commitment to serve you, we're working hard on building partnerships with all the best Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs to bring you exclusive War Room deals to help you grow your business. Enjoy offers like 50% off normal price, free trials and even completely free access to products and services which will give you that e-Commerce edge. Let us help you kickstart your online business!

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offer now. For just $8.09 monthly payment you’ll have unlimited access to the best collection of Internet marketing materials, exclusive Warrior Ask Me Anything event recordings, special War Room Special Deals, and a lot more perks. Receive the best value for your money!

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