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These days, many people are looking at setting up a home-based business. There are a number of reasons for this; virtually everyone can expect to pursue an average of two to three careers in their lifetime. For those having just one career, the opportunity to start a second - and execute it from their home - can be tempting. Some people engaged with the conventional nine to five work life are close to retirement, and deliberating on what to do next. For all these people looking forward to starting a new career, there is good news. There are tons of home-based businesses anyone can venture into, as long as they are ready to work hard, and take some risks.

1. Accountant

For this career, training, licensing or experience may be needed. You can work as a freelancer, because most business owners don’t fancy maintaining their day-to-day transactions themselves.

2. Boat Cleaning

Getting necessary training, licensing and experience may be needed for this job. A boat that is hauled out of water needs to be cleaned. Simply visit mariners, or homes with boat yards and inform them about your services.

3. Bicycle Repair

Although this service seems to be seasonal, you can offer extra services like keeping people’s bicycles during winter after doing maintenance and repairs on them.

4. Chimney Sweep

There are no special skills needed for this. After gaining some experience as a chimney sweep, you can combine it with chimney inspector.

5. Business Plan Service

This service has huge expansion possibilities. Write a solid business plan for clients, and make your fee as competitive as possible. There are lots of opportunities on freelancer.com.

6. Computer Repair

For this service, you will need some training and experience to succeed. Try to get the necessary skills so that you become the highly sought-after repair person in town.

7. Cleaning Services

There are lots of places to render your services. You can work in an office, a restaurant, or even engage in house cleaning. The hours you prefer to work may decide the one that fits you.

8. Dog Walking

Quite simply, this involves taking a dog or group of dogs out for a daily walk. Great for dog lovers!

9. Consultant

There are expansion possibilities for this service, but you need to gain expertise in a particular area. It usually involves rendering advisory services to people seeking to get involved in that area.

10. Editorial services

There are tons of services to offer under this career. They include copy editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, book doctoring, article writing, etc. There are many such jobs advertised on freelancer.com.

11. eBay Assistant

You help people to auction items that are less useful to them, and left lying in the corner of their homes.

12. Event Planning

There are possibilities of expansion in this career. Visit event centers and liaise with the manager to find out what’s needed to start yours.

13. Electronics Repairs

This is in a way similar to computer repair. With good training and experience, people will bring their small electronics to you when they are in need of repair.

14. Financial Planner

Training, licensing (Certified Financial Planner) and experience are needed for this career.

15. Expert Witness Service

This requires training, licensing and experience. Once experience is gained, you can market yourself to lawyers to act as a professional witness.

16. Home Energy Auditor

There is a need for training and licensing for this job. You help advise homeowners on how to save money on their utility bills.

17. Flea Market

There is room for expansion in this business. It involves putting unwanted items on sale for people to buy. Your packaging is what matters here.

18. Golf Coach

Training, experience and a high level of skill are required for this job. Visit golf courses and let them know about your service - it is not something you can do without golfing talent.

19. Household Organizer

You can either do the organizing yourself, or instruct homeowners on what to do to get their home in perfect shape.

20. Home Inspection

You need to work hand-in-hand with real estate agents to be successful in this.

21. Interior Decorator

You may need training, a creative eye and experience for this job. Meet up with building contractors and market yourself to them.

22. Export/Import Specialist

You will require intensive training, experience and licensing to be able to function in this sector.

23. Marketing Copywriter

You need good training and experience to be able to succeed. You learn how to write copy relating to catalogs, brochures, advertising, etc.

24. Jewelry Making

This is a great career to go into, but you need training, creativity and experience to be successful.

25. Personal Concierge

This is meant for people that can readily make things happen. You must be able to get things done perfectly, using your discretion.

26. Notary Public/Justice of the Peace

Training and licensing are needed for this. You help to perform wedding ceremonies.

27. Property Management

You help people to handle their properties, and ensure they are running smoothly.

28. Personal Trainer

You need training, experience, and certification for this job. Having a website is a great way to sell yourself.

29. Solar energy consultant

You need training, experience and licensing for this job, and there is room for expansion. You conduct inspections for homes and advise on solar options.

30. Small Engine Repair

You can learn this by working part-time in small-engine repair companies.

31. Taxidermist

There are taxidermy schools where you can learn the trade. It means creating a stuffed specimen from the original object.

32. Tax Preparer

You need training, experience and qualifications to be able to render this service.

33. Used Book sales

You can make some cash by selling the used books you are not using anymore.

34. Wedding planner

You must be up-to-date with almost everything pertaining to weddings - color trends, dress styles, food, etc.

35. Upholstering

This is mostly for people that have a knack for sewing. There are books and videos to learn from.

36. Computer Training

You need training and experience to be able to train others.

37. Fence Installations

Since there are fences everywhere, installation is a great service to offer.

38. Desktop Publisher

You need training and experience to become a desktop publisher

39. Freelance Graphic Designer

You need training, a creative eye and experience to become freelance graphic designer.

40. Appliance Repair

You need to be proficient in repairing a wide range of appliances to be successful here.

41. Graffiti Remover

This can be a tough job, but you will never be out of work. Make sure you have a cleaning agent that can wipe off all kinds of tough paint.

42. Gift Basket Service

Look for a niche and create decorative gift baskets for a variety of occasions.

43. Herbal Farm Stand

You will decide how you intend to sell your herbs, and who to market them to.

44. Hairstylist

This is a lucrative business in the fashion world. Training and experience are needed.

45. Massage Therapist

You need training, experience, and qualifications for this.

46. Rug Cleaning

You may need training on how to handle special fabrics during cleaning, as well as outlaying money on equipment in the first instance.

47. Landscaper

No need for a degree in this business, but some level of experience and horticultural knowledge is required to be a pro.

48. Photographer

This is a wide field, so you need to specialize in a particular area.

49. Moving Service

Helping people to move their belongings from one place to another. Physical fitness and a van are the only requirements.

50. Web Developer

There are tons of materials online to help you out. 

51. Music Lessons

You need to be a music expert to guide people through the stages and grades in music.

52. Christmas Tree Sales

If you intend going into Christmas tree farming, prior preparation is needed as it takes about seven years for trees to grow fully.

53. Day Care

Child care requires some training and licensing, as well as patience, background checks and premises.

54. Pet Sitting

This is also a lucrative job to venture into, as many people want to know their pets are well looked after when they are at work, or on holiday.

55. Bed & Breakfast

You can make some cash by renting out a part of your living space.

If you have any other ideas to add to the list, please do so in the comment box below.

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