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Isabelle Zammit (Bella Zee) from Malta is a professional writer with a keen love for her work. Producing high quality articles, web content, eBooks, and other written material, she describes herself as a ‘Jill’ of all trades, throwing herself into new challenges. She writes content in a variety of niches whether it is a research report or a sales piece for the latest product.

It is not just the writing aspect of the job that Bella enjoys. “I use my passion for writing to help businesses and individuals achieve the success that they desire and deserve,” she explained. Writing SEO friendly content means that Bella is not only providing companies with eloquent text to engage their readers, but also giving them the opportunity to expand their customer base. has been Bella Zee’s primary source of income for over a year now. She runs her business around her family life and she can always keep her priorities in the right place. “I can work from home and pick my own hours,” she said. “I can spend more time with my family and my friends at the time they need me.”

Being able to choose her own projects means that Bella never gets bored with her job. She can choose things that interest her and keep her work varied. While she has tried other job finding platforms in the past, she finds that always offers her the best opportunities. “There is a substantial number of projects posted on a daily basis by quality employers,” Bella Zee explained. She appreciates the friendly and professional nature of the employers she has worked with on the website.

One of the reasons Bella Zee prefers is its safe and efficient system that makes securing jobs easy. “Thanks to Freelancer, I do not have to explain my background and past projects to every new employer,” she said. All her credentials are clearly displayed on her profile for potential employers to browse, while her personal information remains protected and secure.

Bella Zee is part of the Preferred Freelancer Program, and finds this particularly helpful when it comes to landing the best jobs. “ Recruiters have been instrumental in my success. Being recommended by them drastically increases my chances of being hired,” she shared. Being a Preferred Freelancer sets Bella Zee apart from the competition as a tried and trusted writer, and also allows her to bid on exclusive projects.

When she is not working, Bella enjoys reading, spending time with her dog, Marley, and travelling. As an avid jetsetter, she loves the fact that she can work from anywhere in the world. Whether she is in her homeland or enjoying time exploring other parts of the world, she can take her business with her any time.

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