The Most Straightforward Tips for New Employers on

Dikirimkan pada - Kali Terakhir Diubah Suai pada commits to giving our users the simplest, most engaging platform to post their projects or find freelance work. With features that can help you in different ways, hiring or finding jobs on Freelancer can give better results than others.

Are you a newcomer looking to hire freelancers on the site? You can take your experience from good to great by applying these simple methods to get the best out of the platform.

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Shower us with details

To get the most accurate bids, include as much information as possible about the project in your brief. It doesn’t have to be the next great American novel but adding more detail is always better than a brief that is not clear on the specifics.

Freelancers usually give a more precise quote once you begin chatting and you give further details about your project. It never hurts to have a clear picture from the start. Don’t forget that freelancers can’t initiate the chat, so you will have to be the one to contact them if you find their bid attractive.

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Pick your winners

On the projects page, you will see the list of bidders. To have a good overview of the candidates that catch your attention, you can use the Shortlist and Hide features. Activate Shortlist by clicking the little heart symbol next to the bid you like, and that will automatically generate a parallel list of favorites.

You can also customize the main list of bidders by using the Hide feature so you can only keep the best bidders on the project page. This way, all the best candidates are in one place, and you can chat away, contrast and compare until you’ve decided who’s the best candidate for the project.

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Browse the world’s biggest database of freelancers

You can check out the “who’s who” of our database of freelancers by going to the Browse Directory page under Hire Freelancers. This is an incredibly useful feature because it lets you look for specific skills and locations.

You can also see who is online so you can chat and invite those freelancers to bid on your project. has the biggest talent pool on the planet, so you are guaranteed to find someone that can handle your project perfectly.

Get the cream of the crop by using our team of amazing Recruiters

By far the best way of making the most of the site is by using a Recruiter. They are the ultimate insiders that can help you get great work done on the site. They know all the best freelancers for every skill, can set up milestones for you, and can help you through every step towards the completion of your project.

With the Recruiter upgrade, you get the absolute best candidates and the smoothest hiring experience on the site. You will also have a friendly and knowledgeable voice to help you out with your questions or issues that might arise.

It takes a bit of getting used to if you’re a newbie but once you get the hang of it, finding the best freelancers is going to be a breeze. Get the ball rolling and post that awesome project you have in mind.

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