Newsletter Designs You Would Love to See in Your Inbox Every Day

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We subscribe to company newsletters either because we truly care about their updates or because we adore they way they present their content.

Do you have a favorite newsletter sender? Your inbox could be screaming right now because of your countless email subscriptions. But only if all newsletters are designed and built irresistibly good, then there won’t be any use for that unsubscribe button.

best email newsletter designs

Here are eight newsletter designs you wouldn’t mind seeing in your inbox every single day.


Why it’s good: Stunning images, bite-size copy, crystal clear CTA—everything you’d want to see in a newsletter that will effortlessly make you subscribe. Apple does this best. You see how these products are different from one another, but the fluid layout, arranged in a ‘Z’ pattern, easily guides the reader’s eyes to marvel at each content.

best email newsletter designs


Brit + Co.

Why it’s good: The blackboard background and chalk text effect are absolutely effective in achieving the back-to-school theme. This newsletter deserves an A+ for its clean layout and clear CTA.

best email newsletter designs


Free People

Why it’s good: This welcome newsletter presents everything a new subscriber needs to know about the business. Each section contains the essentials: title, description, image, and CTA. The images speak the brand; every copy is easy to digest; the CTAs are all recognizable in boxes.

best email newsletter designs



Why it’s good: It’s straightforward. Readers would know right away what the email is all about (sale) and where they should go if they want to take action (online and offline stores). The melting popsicle GIF adds the cool factor and is probably their way of letting the subscribers know how hot this 4th of July sale is.

best email newsletter designs



Why it’s good: The use of stack content gives the reader a smooth experience especially on mobile devices. Each content shows visual hierarchy, a high-quality photo, and recognizable CTA button. The tempting images and easy-to-digest copy are the best ingredients to having a newsletter you would want to feed your inbox with.

best email newsletter designs


Tiffany & Co.

Why it’s good: The use of Tiffany & Co.’s product images here is dazzling. Who wouldn’t get attracted to those diamond bands? It also does not need a long copy for the content to be convincing. This newsletter lets the primary content (the products) shine bright like a diamond.

best email design newsletters


Union Made Goods

Why it’s good: The general look of this newsletter is what Mother’s Day should be like--light and easy. Strategically putting the copy right after the header and then the product images below makes the reader focus on the content. And using only one CTA at the bottom effectively concludes the reader’s experience.

best email newsletter designs


Urban Outfitters

Why it’s good: Here’s a cool presentation of a product newsletter. With the clever use of denim products that display different shades of blue, it’s obviously built for guys. No long copy, which every reader would appreciate. Also, the CTAs and other clickable texts are clearly recognizable.

best email newsletter designs


Now, your turn. Do you want to have a swoon-worthy newsletter that your target customers would swear by? Easy. Just post a project, wait for freelancers to bid, and hire the right one who can build you a newsletter every subscriber would love.



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