Number Fonts: The 15 Best Fonts To Display Numbers

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When it comes to fonts, everyone typically thinks of a bunch of letters, right?


Everyone seems to forget that you use fonts to display numbers too. And you’ll need something just as stunning and eye-catching to do so. Numbers are an important way of highlighting information in headlines, lists and infographics. When you are choosing a font, make sure you’re also considering the way each of the numbers are presented.


To make your design life easier, we’ve handpicked a range of cool number fonts that will help your numbers to stand out.


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01. Vintage Font   

Vintage font best number font


Designer: Aleph Corporation  


It was love at first sight with this number font. Vintage Font is the most beautiful font on this list, for sure (not to mention the most colorful). It is a little cutesy, but the floral shapes and contrast make it a very versatile font that you can use for webpages, posters, signage and print. The best part? You can pick this one up for free from Sellfy.            


02. High Tide

High tide best number font


Designer: Filipe Rolim


High Tide is a very clean number font, with a cool twist. It is a decorative typeface designed to stand out, and make an impact without sacrificing legibility. The dot and line details adds a symbolic, almost tribal air to the font which makes it really special. This striking font is perfect for posters and t-shirt designs. You can pick it up for free from Fontfabric.  

03. Quarz 974

Quarz 974 best number font


Designer: Domenico Ruffo


Quarz 974 is a beautiful number font inspired by simple geometric lines. It has a very distinct ancient greek letter feel to it - especially the numbers. It’s not the most legible number font, but it certainly has a unique flair to it that’ll get your logos, titles, and posters noticed. You can purchase this font for $40USD from Myfonts.     


04. Klinic Slab

Klinic slab best number font


Designer: Joe Prince


Klinic Slab is a retro font with a psychedelic flair. The exaggerated number font is the perfect blend of bold personality and functionality. A great font for posters, infographics and signage, you can purchase a commercial licence from Lost Type for $45USD.


05. Argo  

Argo best number font


Designer: Anthony James


Looking for something with a little more modern elegance? Argo is is a number font that perfectly captures traditional aesthetics, but with thinner, shorter descenders to create more flow and versatility. This stylish and playful number font is one of our favorites, and you can purchase it for $30 USD from Sellfy.


06. Stitch 

Stitch best number font


Designer: Michael Manning


Stitch is a standout typeface which takes inspiration from elegant embroidery. With a slight abstraction about it, Stitch makes for a intriguing and beautiful design that you’ll want to use over and over again. Perfect for poster, infographics and signage you can pick up this font for $5USD from Gum Road.


07. Lato  

Lato best number font


Designer: Lukasz Dziedzic


Let’s bring it back to the basics. Sometimes the way to a great number font, isn’t to tack on fancy flourishes here and there; it lies in its simplicity. Lato is one of those fonts. It’s has a sleek sanserif look, and with a variety of weights to choose from, it's a versatile font that works perfectly for web page display. It’s a free font that you can download from Font Squirrel.     


08. FF DIN

FF DIN best number font


Designer: Albert-Jan Pool


FF DIN is another classic sanserif font that gets the job done without the extra ornaments. It’s a sharper font with several stylized versions. The only downside? It doesn’t come cheap. You can purchase this number font FROM AU$69, from Fontshop.      


09. Kari  

Kari best number font


Designer: Javier Rivero


Kari is a playful number font, with great personality. The curls at the ends of the numbers add a pretty touch to the font. Perfect for greeting cards, invitations and sinage. You can pick up this number font from Behance.


10. Kaligraf Latin  

Kaligraf Latin best number font


Designer: Lazar Dimitrijevic


Kaligraf Latin is a calligraphic number font, created from the author's personal handwriting. It offers gorgeous gothicized numbers that have an old-fashioned and bold touch. Perfect to dress up a wedding invitation, or a gothic poster. You can grab it for free from DaFont.  


11. Friction

Friction best number font


Designer: Jesper Bolther


Friction is a cool number font that combines minimal geometric aesthetics with slick movements and animations. If you’re looking for something that’ll look great, and move organically this is the font for you. You can purchase this font for $30EUR from Animography. Perfect for web page display, and even on posters as a static font.


12. Champagne

Champagne best number font


No design credit given.


Perfectly named, Champagne delivers a delicate and dainty number font. The perfect number font for that special occasion, your readers will be blown away by its swirls and curls. Use this font for wedding invitations. Champagne is available for free from DaFont.  


13. Hand Drawn Numbers  

Hand Drawn Numbers best number font


Designer: Mandee Thomas


Looking for that personal touch? This delightful hand drawn numbering is sweet and beautiful. With the whimsical addition of the leaves and flowers, and deliberate imperfect edges this stunning font delivers a personal touch perfect for wedding invitations. Available for free from the author’s personal website.   


14. Quasith  

Quasith best number font


Designer: Egidio Filippetti


This quirky numbers font adds a stylish addition to a website, card or t-shirt. Feeling like something out of the matrix. It is a simple design that will leave a big impression. Available for free from Web Design Freebies.


15. Mondrian  

Mondrian best number font


Designer: Tano Veron


Inspired by Piet Mondrian and his development of what he termed neoplasticism where he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines with three primary colours. This font is perfect for art projects such as an artist's website, brochure, or within a piece of artwork such as a card, t-shirt, or other textile project. Available for free from Behance.


Want to take your display to the next level?

Numbers are the forgotten font, but they certainly have the ability to bring a special project to life. Numbers are used in most projects and by carefully selecting an appropriately cool number font to use it can ensure that your project is the best that it can be. If you need a helping hand to bring your design to life, houses thousands of graphic designers who can help you to not only select the perfect number font but to turn your entire design into something stunning! Simply, post a project and receive bids within minutes.  



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