Out With the Old: Ways to Prepare Your Website for the New Year

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Now that 2016 is coming to an end, it’s the best time to prepare your business for the new year. Why not start with your website? Revamping your website could do wonders for your traffic and the other metrics you’re concerned about.


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In the website makeover you’re planning to do, keep in mind that you should:

(1) grab the attention of your target customers


(2) keep them interested and


(3) make them see or experience the value you offer.

Here are some website elements you could look into giving an upgrade:

1. Content

When was the last time you updated your website content? There could be some things that have changed throughout the year. Apart from your products page, check out the other pages or even the categories that you can update.

Content is a vital element on any website. You can have blogs, hero images, videos, or infographics. Every content plays a vital role in attracting views and increasing sessions. Content highly supports your credibility. As the owner, you should pay close attention to anything that goes live on your site.

By having stellar content, your site will more likely gain repeat visitors. Hold their attention. Keep their interest burning. Don’t populate your site merely with words. Add interesting and relevant content that could keep their fingers away from clicking the close window button.

2. UI and UX

Much like content, the user interface (UI) is something of utmost importance. Having an interactive user interface makes the page more interesting. Your audience should know where the clickable buttons are, where the links will lead them to, etc.

Louisa Chan, a tech and marketing blogger, mentioned that functionality should be focused on rather than being fancy. Instead of concentrating solely on the page’s design, aim for a better user experience (UX) too.

Do viewers navigate through your page with ease? Is your site mobile-responsive? If you answered ‘no’ to these questions, then you may have to check this page.

3. Social media tray

Lastly, your website should have a social media tray. Having access to a social media tray will greatly benefit your website. Don’t let your visitors exit the site without any engagement. Invite them to your social media pages or to share your content on their social network accounts. By doing so, you can increase engagement and your content can earn more views from the referring social networking site.

Pretty much everyone is on Facebook or Twitter. If you’ve got good content, your content would spread like wildfire on social media. Whether you own a business website or not, having a social tray will not only increase your network referrals, but will also help in growing your community.

Learn more about social media trays here.

Let’s hit the ground running this 2017. Post a project and get that website ready for the upcoming year.

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