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Reginald Chan, a well-known Malaysian blogger, has been featured in Huffington Post, Yahoo! Small Business, and Harvard University’s blog. Most of his articles focus on content writing, internet, email and social media marketing. Thousands of users visit his blog to learn tips in improving their marketing strategies. 

He gained years of experience working with internationally recognized companies in the fields of operations, sales, and marketing. Reginald started writing professionally in 2006. He was tasked to write business articles and was hired as a ghost writer. He never looked back since then.

Although it seems difficult at times,  Reginald loves his craft. He lives by a certain saying, “providing the best service regardless of who you are”. Whether a client is only starting out or is already established, Reginald aims to provide nothing but the best of his abilities.

Going the Extra Mile

Reginald’s passion for writing led him to freelancing, where he earned on the side. For Reginald, the best thing about being a freelancer is having the opportunity to work on at least one project a day. “On average, I could get around one project per day, and with Freelancer, I am forever busy! I love it!” said Reginald.

When asked why he chose, Reginald replied, “I chose Freelancer because it has a good database, affordable pricing, and good security measures (between employer and freelancer).” Another reason why was because of the large and diverse clientele he can find on the platform.

Reginald recalls a company based in India. Of all the freelancers the company could have chosen, they decided to go with Reginald. It started out as one writing assignment that led to another. He was then hired for a couple more projects.

Eventually, the company constantly turned to Reginald for all their writing needs. “I love them and more importantly, I love the opportunity given to me!” he shared.

What Reginald Loves About

Reginald also expressed how satisfied he was with Freelancer’s Milestone Payment™ System. “[With] the Milestone Payment System -- employers deposit money, we start working. It’s so systematic. It makes employees feel safe,” he said.

Reginald has already tried two paid membership plans -- Plus Membership and Premium Membership. “The memberships are very good indeed. My current plan now is awesome because my earnings are like at least ten times more than my investment!” said Reginald.  

Giving Back

The exceptional experience on Freelancer has pushed Reginald to offer an online course about freelancing, which he will launch on UDemy. Here, he will be sharing his knowledge in freelancing and blogging business-related topics. He will then move the course to his personal website.

Reginald believes that success is something to be shared. He finds satisfaction in seeing others succeed also. “I see many people having a hard time in writing about freelancing and marketing. I felt that if I can teach and guide others, why not?! Furthermore, I love to see people being successful,” he mentioned.

Freelancing Success Tips

According to Reginald, there are three things you must always keep in mind in order to be a successful freelancer:

1. There is competition; know your competitors and give your best.

Since you are up against stiff competition, you must always be ahead. Know the newest trends and the latest strategies. Be the best in what you do.

2. Always be honest.

When an employer asks you about something, tell the truth. Don’t pad your profile with skills you are not proficient with. There’s nothing wrong with being unknowledgeable in a skill. That is why you can enrich yourself. You have so much resources to learn from -- Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, books, etc. Always keep in mind that being honest, will not just land you a project but also allows you to build a good working relationship with your clients.

3. Work on your credibility first.

If you are new to the world of freelancing, don’t expect to be paid very high. Instead of focusing on getting large sums of money, work on your portfolio first. Accept budget-friendly jobs, do your best, and then increase your rate once when you have loads of brilliant projects to show. Once employers see you're worth the money, they won’t hesitate to hire you.

Looking Ahead

Freelancing enables you to work whenever and wherever. In Reginald’s case, he enjoys traveling. He plans on visiting the US and Europe next year.

He doesn’t need to worry too much about his plans; has got him covered.

Do you need some writing done? Any business articles, content writing, email marketing, or social media marketing project coming up?

You’re just a click away! Visit Reginald’s profile page today.

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