How a Teacher Found Success as a Web Developer

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Armenian historian Smbat Minasyan has devoted his life to learning the world and its people. He holds a doctoral degree in history and a master’s degree in international relations.

To share his knowledge with others, Smbat applied as an instructor in Yerevan State University. He worked there for over seven years before switching to a new profession. The decision to leave his teaching post was difficult because he loved his job very much, but personal reasons pushed him to do so.

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In his search for a new career, he took his chances on freelance opportunities. That's how he stumbled upon where he found several web design and development projects.

People often ask Smbat about his knowledge on web design and development since it’s a field pretty far from his area of expertise. Little do they know that 13 years ago, Smbat wanted to have a website made locally. The website would have featured content about Armenian history. Unfortunately, the project’s price tag was too expensive for Smbat’s budget.

With a strong determination to complete the project, Smbat studied web development on his own. He spent many hours reading about and practicing the skill until he was able to build his own website. Smbat fell in love with the craft and continued learning.

A Platform of Countless Opportunities

Once he started on Freelancer, he began looking for projects to work on. Being able to bid on interesting and challenging projects was his favorite feature of all. Not only was he able to choose what projects he wanted, but he also dictated the price of his service.

Being on Freelancer was such a thrill for Smbat, he continued to freelance online. In a two-year span, he has completed over 200+ projects and has received dozens of reviews. One achievement he is most proud of is his 100% ratings in project completion, punctuality, and budget friendliness.

Smbat’s phenomenal ratings greatly boost the confidence of employers who receive his bids. He recalls how he restored the faith of one employer in hiring online website developers. A fitness instructor from the United Stated hired Smbat to redesign her website. Previously, she had her website redesigned by two freelancers from different platforms, which, to her dismay, delivered unsatisfactory results.

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The employer wanted her website to have the following features:

  • An ‘About me’ page
  • A section where she could include affiliate links
  • A page dedicated to blog posts and videos
  • Content leading to sign ups and e-mail queries

“Redesigning a website that had undergone revisions from two other web developers was very challenging,” Smbat shared. After a month and a half working on the website, Smbat presented it to the employer and received US$500 as payment.

He was commended for his efforts through a five-star rating and a positive review on his profile. The employer said, “Smbat was very willing to work with my requests and he got the job done.”

A Beautiful Adventure

Working on Freelancer has paid great dividends especially now since Smbat is miles away from home. Whenever he’s out of the country, he continues to work on his projects. All he needs are his laptop and a stable internet connection.

He now works full-time as a freelancer and is more active than ever. Aside from his earnings on Freelancer, he also loves working with employers from all over the world.

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“With the help of Freelancer, one of my many dreams and goals have come true. I’ve always wanted to work with people of different nationalities and now I have that opportunity,” Smbat said.

Smbat has worked with employers from the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Thailand, Austria, Norway, Canada, Ireland, and a lot more through Freelancer. With the huge volume of projects Smbat bids and works on, he’s bound to work with even more nationalities.

In need of a website for your up-and-coming business? Work with great freelancers such as Smbat by posting a project today!

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