Spice Up Your Self-employment Journey With Hackathons!

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The world of self-employment brings unlimited possibilities and requires equally as many compromises, but you already know that, you are a part of that world. I have to be honest, working whenever you feel is the best time to be productive and taking a day off on Wednesday sure does sound tempting, but what about the drawbacks? Maybe you don’t realize there’s something you’re missing out on. Is that so? Well, let’s not put this discussion off any longer, come and join me.

You’re the captain of your own ship, sailing seven seas among the islands of job offers, but your deck is empty, there’s nobody with you on that journey. “What’s the problem?” you might ask, after all, you chose to do everything your own way. See, there are lands you won’t be able to conquer all by yourself, a companion is going to be necessary, but it’s been so long since you started your lone adventure you don’t really know how to go about that. Fear not, I come to rescue with a friendly advice. Consider pulling off the course and visit the harbor of hackathons. It’s the gate to endless opportunities you didn’t even think existed.

What opportunities are we talking about, exactly? Your social game needs stepping up, let’s face it, having been working on your own for all this time really took its toll. Nobody’s denying your awesome abilities to make every party the best night ever, this is something completely different. You’re an individual, one-man team, but there will come a time when a project somebody entrusts you with is going to make you need a helping hand. Communicating your demands and suggestions, when it was just not necessary before, is a skill that takes practice to master. Sign up for a hackathon and you’ll quickly realize how much advantage other people have simply because they are used to sharing ideas and assigning tasks to each other, because teamwork is the key to success.OK, what if you’re a pro in getting your point across? Why would you take part in such a challenge? Surprise, I still have something to convince you with. Freelancing sounds exciting now, but what about 5, 10 years from now? Are your needs going to be the same? Probably not. You might want to start a company of your own, or just find job somewhere. Believe it or not, hackathons are a cheat code for finding employment. You never know who could be watching your actions, and chances are your valuable skills will land you a job that one could never imagine is possible to find. If your income could be doubled, would you hesitate?

You still aren’t convinced, are you? I understand that playing solo is very tempting to some, but let me just say I have an ace up my sleeve, and this time I’m sure we’ll get on the same page. The magic word is “prizes”. Everybody loves winning, and everybody can use a little bit more cash, especially freelancers like you, when sustainable income is never guaranteed. So take part in a hackathon, show all those people how talented you are, and grab that reward. Is it money? Great, how about gadgets? You can always put them to work or sell them, in both cases you come out on top. See? Now we understand each other!

Izabela Błażowska, co-founder of ChallengeRocket.com, a global platform specializing in the use of AI in automated recruitment in IT decided to share her thoughts on the topic of freelancing: 

Convinced now? Pick a challenge that fits you. You can expand your portfolio, gain experience, and grab some quick cash, so, dear freelancers, there are several reasons why you would want to participate in a hackathon, but no matter what pushed you to pick up the glove and take part in one, believe me, you will not regret having tried.

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