The Top 20 Finalists for Expose Our Logo 2015

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The Freelancer Expose Our Logo 2015 Contest took us on an amazing ride across many countries, cultures, and territories! We received hundreds of entries from all over the world, and each one is a testament to how creative and driven the Freelancer community is. Here are the top 20 finalists:

  1. #181 freelancerislife, Philippines

  2. #187 AntonPatokin, Belgium

  3. #169 invegastudio, India

  4. #217 Delo157, Philippines

  5. #149 abandaedi, Dubai, UAE

  6. #240 missfang, Indonesia

  7. #226 rruslanbiz, Sri Lanka

  8. #238 pikopekok, Indonesia

  9. #183 CoderBoyNasim, Bangladesh

  10. #247 fbpromoter2, Nepal

  11. #239 johndaryow, Philippines

  12. #276 imty1000, Bangladesh  

  13. #248 dreamlineproduct, India

  14. #269 judsonbc, Philippines

  15. #233 HussainBD, Bangladesh

  16. #273 gravityart24, India

  17. #274 ManuelRuizH, Venezuela

  18. #164 lanfan, India

  19. #199 hamzakrissaane, Tunisia

  20. #271 Magearu, Romania

It was difficult to decide on the final top 20, so the following 3 entries get a special mention for their original approach and creativity:

  1. #241 dashadymytriuk, Ukraine- for a truly innovative and personal approach

  2. #275 sopholos, Russia - for doing an outstanding job promoting the entry in social media

  3. #139 HopeBRC, Jordan - for likely the first time our logo was taken to a Chechen wedding in Jordan  

Thank you so much to everyone who joined the contest! The winners will be announced next week, so stay tuned!

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I'm a professional wordsmith. I watch over content at I used to edit technology and fashion magazines in a past life. I'm a toy nerd, a lipstick fiend, a foodie, and a Magic: The Gathering noob. During my off-hours, I read books, listen to rock music, and document everything in pictures.

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