7 Traits Of Top Performers That Allow Them To Do More And Be Less Stressed

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A survey conducted by a renowned corporate and leadership training firm, recently examined the unique traits possessed by top performers in a variety of business settings. The top performers in every scenario are set apart from the rest by certain traits and characteristics.

Data from the survey was gathered from 1600 employees and their management teams. 77% of the workforce who took part in the survey highlighted the top performers in any given company as having impeccable productivity levels. The habits of these top performers are influenced by having adopted efficient stress management habits that effect their overall performance.

The survey isolated habits that are most common among these top performers. They are more likely to ask questions, and never shy away from asking for assistance if they don’t know something. On the other hand, average performers are inclined to work alone, lack adequate communication skills and are the least responsive in the workplace.

The pressure associated with a consistent record of high performances is frustrating at worst, exciting and satisfying at best. The good news for everyone is that high performance, just like everything else in life, is a habit formed by the ability to align one’s behavior and intentions with the anticipated end result. The other side of the coin is that these habits have to be nurtured and sustained by stretching your mental, emotional and physical boundaries. This results in achieving something different every time you are faced with the same challenge. You basically need to step out of your comfort zone, adapt, and endeavor to lead others in order to elevate your performance.

Did you know that you can re-strategize your modus operandi to become a top performer? What attributes and traits can you take on to make sure you excel in even the most challenging situations? Here are some of the traits of top performers that allow them to do more, and be less stressed.

1. Self-management

Top performers are naturally inclined to succeed. The core point of success is management. As a top performer, you should be self-aware, disciplined and wholly focused on your self-improvement. Your thirst for growth should be progressive and meticulous to avoid episodes of stress and frustration. You should always be on the lookout for problems and come up with solutions just as fast.

You should also align your goals with those the company has put in place. This not only helps you to grow in your work environment, but also get a step closer to achieving the personal goals you have set for yourself. One should not dominate the other; the success of one should automatically lead to the success of the other.

2. Clear and concise communication skills

The ability to communicate with everyone in the workplace acts as a defining performance point. Communicating on a human level helps to relate on a practical level. Practicality breeds transparency and positive results. Every top performer integrates logic and credibility to communication platforms in the workplace.

As a top performer, it is necessary to distance emotions from conversations in the workplace on an individual level, as well as a company-wide level. Managing your emotions and keeping calm in what can be a stressful environment helps you to maintain control of every situation.

3. Resilient, nurturing and healthy stress management skills

A recently conducted study showed that stress management is directly related to performance in the workplace. Prolonged stress results in degeneration of the brain’s self-control area. Seeing as this is a necessary emotion, it is prudent for you to learn how to use stressful situations as a stepping stone to greater results.

Many top performers take stressful and challenging situations, and turn them into performance accelerators. Take advantage of the situation to stretch your limits and overcome adversities. It is also important to note that thriving in these environments does not have to be motivated by monetary incentives.

In the long run, some healthy competition will inspire a sense of confidence and also nurture strong critical thinking capabilities. These are the hallmarks for changing risky and challenging situations into innovative ideas, and ultimately taking the company further.

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4. Be a part of the company culture

It is not enough to only have a conducive environment and free incentives that motivate people in the workplace. Healthy working environments work in tandem with a supportive company culture that does away with a stringent bureaucratic system. A top performer should be able to adapt to the company culture, and take it upon themselves to inspire the rest of the workforce to excel.

Top performers never miss an opportunity to recognize the people who help them grow. A study shows that over 91% of highly successful people embody humility and modesty in their endeavors. They don’t take on a solo approach to get all the recognition for themselves; they fully instill the company culture in every person.

5. Give continuous feedback

It is not enough to wait for the annual evaluations to express and improve yourself in the workplace. A top performer constantly evaluates themselves and seeks out ways to improve for the betterment of the company. Acknowledging your strongest and weakest points helps you to figure out where you need to improve, and the areas you also need to capitalize on. As a top performer, you should think of yourself as your biggest critic.

6. Give everything your best

It doesn’t matter what kind of work has been allocated to you. Be sure to give everything 150%, and deliver quality results every time. By doing this, you are eliminating the possibility of getting negative feedback, which always tends to escalate levels of stress.

A top performer always keeps time, asks for assistance and clarification whenever they are faced with a roadblock and completes tasks to the best of their ability. This leaves no room for revisions or dissatisfaction. It always helps to work in a team and leverage your networks. There is always power in numbers. Keep in mind that top performance is a progressive thing, so aim to improve and learn something new each day.

7. Understand the decision-making process

Understanding the decision-making process means you are in close contact with your boss on a day-to-day basis. By doing this, you are able to tackle the challenging decisions that need to be made every day, just as your employer would. Essentially, by understanding the process, you put yourself in a better position to make decisions and suggestions.

This also helps to cultivate a level of trust between you and your boss. You will be tasked with various decisions that require critical thinking, an amazing opportunity for you to rise above the challenge and produce quality results.

Final Word

Finding a way to nurture these traits in your normal work routine will help you to achieve the highest level of performance among other employees. Be open to receive guidance, and watch the development of yourself and the company as a whole. While doing this, you will be able to thrive in your workplace without compromising your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Finally, every time you find yourself wishing that you were one of the top performers in your workplace, but worry about the stress the journey may cause you, think about how you are running things from day to day. You don’t need to conform to the stereotype of burying your head in your work desk day-in, day-out just to appear more productive. Create a balance, and this will automatically reflect in the way you execute your duties, as well as the impact you have on your colleagues.

Do you have any tips that your fellow top performers can take on? We would love to hear from you. Leave your comments and questions in the interactive comment section.

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