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David Dundas' career as a writer, proofreader, and editor started when he wrote a short novella purely as an exercise. 10 years later and now in his late 50s, David is working harder than ever. He signed up at vWorker, which later became, to expand his business and meet more clients. From then on, the business went full-time with both private and clients now keeping him busy seven days a week.

Although the tasks could be daunting, David never employed others. He found that writing and amending text was a very personal affair, and he preferred to be in direct contact with each of his clients. David now divides his time between Bristol, UK, and Le Blanc, France, as freelancing allows him total control of his time and whereabouts.

"Freelancing gives me freedom and allows me to be the master of my own destiny. I believe some people make good employees, while others are more suited to being self-employed. I decided I had the necessary skills to be a successful freelancer, which are dedication, enthusiasm, and skill in what I do."

David wrote on and off for most of his working life. Around the same time, he wrote a novella for an exercise, and checked some academic work for a friend doing a postgraduate degree. She recommended him to friends, and the editing and proofreading business started to grow. He joined vWorker three years ago to expand the source of work and stayed after the takeover a few months later. "It was a great choice because approximately 30-40% of my annual income now comes from working with clients from"

Like many freelancers, David also encountered difficulties at the beginning -- he found the size and complexity of the site daunting. "The trick is to stick with it as, like everything in life, the more you get used to something, the easier it becomes."

As for freelancing, he said: "It also takes time to build up a reputation on the platform, but if you are persistent and are prepared to put in the hours, it is certainly possible to make a comfortable living. I certainly recommend it to those who are in need of a second income or who want to see if they could, over time, freelance on a full-time basis."

David enjoys the little things freelancing gives him. He gets to spend more time in his home in Le Blanc. "I enjoy the simpler things in life, like walking the dog, fishing or kayaking on the river, searching through the ‘brocantes’ and French markets for hidden treasures, and enjoying slightly better weather!"

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