What Can We Expect Of E-commerce Delivery In The Future?

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It was not that long ago when people didn’t really have a choice about how they could shop. If they needed or wanted something, they had to physically leave the house and go down the high street to buy it.

Today, however, we have the popular option of going online and buying what we need in a matter of minutes. The problem is, we then have to wait for the product to be delivered, which usually takes a couple of days.

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to online shopping. Although it is very beneficial and time saving in some ways, it is no good if you need something there and then. Many ecommerce stores are already trying to combat this problem, in ways that you can see in the infographic below put together by the Subscriptionly team.

When the next day delivery came about people were in awe. How was it possible for you to make a purchase online and get the product the very next day?

Some companies then decided to go one step further and if you lived in a certain catchment area, they would offer the same day delivery. Research shows that 77% of warehouses admit same-day delivery is still their biggest challenge.

In order to keep up with the competition, more and more brands are starting to offer this service. While at the moment it is a bit of a rarity, it is looking likely that it won’t be long before the majority of brands offer this as a service, especially because 72% of shoppers admit they would shop and spend more if the same day delivery was possible.

Another interesting prediction for the future is the use of drones for delivery. Although we haven’t seen much of this yet, this futuristic notion has been trialled by a handful of companies.

To see if this service was in demand, customers were asked if this is something they would be interested in. The answer came back with 74% of those surveyed saying that they would pay up to $10 for drone delivery.

Additionally, 79% of US customers said they are more than willing to request drone delivery if their package could be delivered within an hour.

Delivery time is just one of the many changes that is set to take place in the ecommerce industry in the coming years. You can find out more information about these future trends by taking a look at the infographic below created by the team at Subscriptionly.

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(Infographic originally posted here: https://subscriptionly.net/future-of-ecommerce-infographic/)

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