What Career Should I Follow? Here Are A Bunch Of Quizzes That Might Give You The Answer.

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A few questions need to be answered before digging into the topic of this article: What career should I follow?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you are doing the job you do, or why you are in the profession you find yourself? The majority of people work to earn money. Some are driven by the desire to have something to keep them busy. There are a variety of reasons, and  this article will elaborate on six golden tips to help you decide on the career you should follow.

Six golden tips from various sources

  • Let us begin with Catherine Conlan. In her essay in Monster magazine, she wrote about career self-assessment tools on the Internet. She wrote:

'Knowing whether you're a "mediator," "defender" or an ISTJ can help you find the right job for you. Seriously.'

Her idea is to discover the person you are, and what works for you. Catherine advocates for critical self-assessment before undertaking any career.

  • On June 10, 2016, David Johnson and Chris Wilson came up with an amazing piece.

For Johnson and Wilson, personality and job go hand in hand. They elaborated on this in their article: “Find out What Job Best Matches Your Personality” They proposed that an individual should undergo a personality test to find out which career best suits them. 

  • What Career is Right for Me? In an effort to discover what career you should follow, a career aptitude test is a useful indicator.

In this site, titled IC MARKETS, the idea is to subject you to a test which helps link you with your personality type.

Where your treasure lies, there you heart is.

These aptitude tests are based on what could be called the four angular pillars of human embodiment.

SKILLS: There is a need to determine the strengths and weakness of each individual person.

INTERESTS: Maybe you have noticed there are things people enjoy which have no real value for you. So what activities and subjects do you consider interesting?

STYLE: Could it be that you are looking for a particular style of work and environment?

VALUES: What matters to you in your chosen career?

  • On Nov 1, 2013, Forbes magazine did an excellent job by filtering what it captioned 'The 9 Questions That'll Help You Find Your Dream Career


How to Actually Start Working Your Dream Job

In the case of Forbes, the idea in some way rephrased the title of a radio program presented by RFI- Radio France International. The program is titled, “why do people do what they do?” So along these lines, Forbes proposed a series of questions. They are as follows:

  • The first question is all about whom to choose in order to accomplish a particular career. However, the concluding part of this question is why choose that person?

  • Do you ever imagine yourself following a particular career? If yes, what will it be like? Interesting?

  • Are there particular requirements to gain access to a particular career, and if you have it what will happen?

  • If you are given the opportunity to make up for past lost opportunities, what exactly will you do?

  • What if you find yourself already doing something and you notice that your colleagues admire you for your charisma? Do you ever ask yourself why?

  • What are the things you love most about your current career, and why?

  • If you were free to decide for yourself what you choose to do, what will it be?

  • If you had a couple of free minutes to spend doing something, what would it be?

  • Finally, you will certainly retire from your career one day. Do you think you left a legacy, and why?

Let’s go to the words of Heidi Grant Halvorson. In her book Focus, she says: 'I find strategies to overcome obstacles at work & in personal life.' 

My Genius Test by Roger Hamilton: This is considered to be the world's number one entrepreneur-education platform. Here the idea is to classify people according to genius. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines genius as: great intelligence, skill or artistic ability. Hamilton asks: Which of the four are you? That is to say, that people can be classified into four distinct categories of genius. He believes it is better to be what you are, and enter into your natural embodiment.

A master can put hands into the mouth of his dog, but a stranger dare not.

And generous as he is, he went as far as proposing a free one minute test.

EDUCATION PLANNER.ORG - through a series of Career Clusters Activity - is another forum that offers great insight on getting to know what career you should follow. The name 'Career Clusters' suggests that there are groups of careers that share common themes or even contain closely related skills. Just like the aptitude test, the idea here is to choose the career that is of interest by filtering statements that are true for you.

This platform proposes a program known as Setting up a Job Shadowing Program. Using this program, the student schedules some time with his or her career coach. The career coach in this setting is a professional who takes the responsibility of directing, as well as helping the students remain focused on their career of interest.

This program has a lot of advantages: First, it puts in place a career shadowing program for students while they are still in school. Second, this program has other mechanisms that helps students to remain focused on their career choice; for example, planning where students engage in various activities.

Students are encouraged to assess their interest. This gives the program a definite objective. It helps students to build contact with employers. However, there should be an initiative on how to implement all these activities in the student’s curriculum.

Another step in the program is the implementation

This has to do with how to implement all the initiatives put together in this program. To achieve this:

- An employer document should be created.

- Participants should meet at scheduled dates.

- Students must understand the objective of the program.

- Parents must be included in this program.

The final step of the program is termed 'Follow-up'. It gives time to verify if the program met its expectations and look at the results. This can be achieved by doing the following:

- Thanks should be sent to employers.

- The program must be certified.

- An evaluation of the program should be done.

- Finally, it is time to blow the whistle, and the success of the participants should be advertised.

A close observation of the point we raised, leads us to discover the following: The answer to the question 'what career should I follow?' revealed to us that career choice goes hand in hand with personality type. 'What career should I follow?' is a question every individual should ask themselves, and it should have a personalized answer. We have also seen that career choice has four (4W) questions to answer: what, who where and why?

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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