What You Need to Make Remote Collaboration Work

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Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. [aiim.org]

The rise of the freelance economy can be attributed to a couple of factors. One significant factor is an effective collaboration between the employer and the freelancer. Gone are the days when project completion only happens if people collaborate face-to-face. Today, remote collaboration works well with the right online apps and tools.

Remote Collaboration

Employers and freelancers who live thousand miles apart collaborate virtually. Thank heavens for project management and collaboration tools created for the online workforce.


Why is it important for the employer and the freelancer to collaborate? The success of a project does not solely depend on the freelancer. The employer’s feedback is essential as it drives the freelancer towards the expected outcome. Exchanging comments and ideas allows both parties to see if they’re on the same page throughout the project duration.    

As a freelancer, how long before you get used to remote collaboration? How often do you hear from your employer? Do you think you’re equipped with the right apps and tools for your projects?

What You Need

Are you working mostly on Hourly Projects? Then you might have already downloaded our Desktop App. For those who haven’t used it yet, read on to discover how this app can help you and your employer collaborate better.

Among the things you need in freelancing is a communication tool. The key to an effective collaboration is to get in touch with your employer throughout the course of the project. The Desktop App lets you chat with your employer for faster exchange of ideas and feedback.

Desktop App - chat.png

Another great feature of the app is that it captures screenshots of your work in progress every few minutes. Let your employer know how you’ve worked hard for the project and get paid for every time and effort you spent on it. The screenshots will also help you get your employer’s feedback to know if anything needs improvement before the deadline.

Desktop App - screenshots.png

Moreover, the app’s chat box also allows file sharing. It’s more efficient than having to log in to your email service provider to send documents or images. You can attach any file type and send it straight from the chat box. Currently, you can send up to 256MB file size.

Desktop App - file sharing.png

Having flexible work hours does not give you the excuse to procrastinate. Time is important whatever work setting you have, especially if you’re paid by the hour. The Desktop App will track your work hours for you as you focus on your tasks. Same thing goes each time you chat with your employer. Learn more about time tracking here.


We’re currently working on something really good for you to enjoy the app even more. We can’t tell you yet but one thing’s for sure, your Desktop App experience will only get better.

Download the Freelancer Desktop App now for a more effective remote collaboration. If you have any feedback on the current version of the app or a suggestion for future releases, please email us at desktop-feedback@freelancer.com. Alternatively, you may leave a comment below.

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