Why Freelancers Should Just Focus on One Thing They Do Best

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The fast-paced times we currently live in can be a bit overwhelming when trying to run a successful freelancing career. Even though the lifestyle of working as a freelancer has its perks, being your own boss and making decisions about the future of your business might be challenging for those with limited business experience.

Not only you have to do the work you were hired to do but you also have to manage your company on your own, which can, sometimes, make you lose a bit of focus on the service you are providing. That is why freelancers should just focus on one thing they do best.


Whether you are a graphic designer, a writer, or an app developer, it is important that you stick to what you do best. Devoting your time to the area you specialize in gives your business a higher chance to flourish.  

When you prioritize your work over the bureaucracy that might be involved in running a company, you also are able to deliver a product with a higher quality, enhancing the likelihood that a pleased client will come back.

That is why outsourcing can be a good option to help you manage your workload and take your freelancing career to the next level. Even though this might come at an additional cost, the long term results of this strategy might pay off the initial effort.

Understand your business

The first step when delegating the work you have is to understand your business. What are the services you offer? What is it that you do best and in which areas are you struggling the most?

Once you have a clear assessment of what is holding you back, it will be easier to come up with an action plan to tackle it.

Define your area of work

Once you have assessed what is working and what isn’t, it is time to think of what is it that you do best. Are you devoting enough time to it? How many projects can you handle now and how many could you handle if you hire other people to get the smaller tasks done?

Outline the time you spend in each task and try to come up with how much money they are costing you. Take into consideration how many more projects you could be accepting if you did not have to do these tasks and, therefore, how much extra money you could earn if the work was outsourced.

Choose your team

Once you decide the areas you need help with it is time to set up a budget that you wish to allocate to these tasks and then start looking for a freelancer who can assist you.

This is a good way to move forward as you can pay a professional who is a specialist in the area you need only for the work that you require them to do. Another advantage of this is that you can test different freelancers until you find someone who is a good fit for your business without having to commit to a full-time hire.

As your business grows, it could also be helpful to hire a freelance business manager to help and guide you through the right path.

You can start a project now to get bids from other freelancers in the areas you are struggling with.



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