How Young Entrepreneurs Aim to Unite The World Through Music

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Quentin Gosset and Alex Raco dream of one day uniting the world through music. It all began a few years back when they started going to local clubs and attending music festivals with friends. Since then, they've joined parties regularly. They see these events as escapes from everyday stress.

Their love for music led to the development of WeAreFan, a music networking site, which was an idea they thought of during their years in Uni.

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“Our inspiration for the platform was the desire to meet new people who shared our enthusiasm for music. We wanted a platform with modernized features,” said Alex.

How Young Entrepreneurs Aim to Unite The World Through Music - Image 1


Since having a website made locally was pretty pricey at US$2,000, Alex suggested they bring their business idea to Freelancer.

An Affordable Alternative

Once signed up on, they got down to business and listed down the details of their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design project. They then posted it on the platform and waited for bids to arrive.

In a matter of seconds, several bids came their way. Quentin read and reviewed each bid. Some freelancers were shortlisted, and choosing the best one was difficult since they all offered something unique. Yilmazsatti, a Turkish web developer with over 14 years of experience in UI and UX, landed the gig.

After both parties agreed to the deliverables and deadlines, they setup the Project Milestones, which was one of their favorite features on the platform. It made transactions much easier since payments were released only when they were satisfied.

Yilmazsatti was tasked to design the website’s front-end side, wire-frame (blueprint/framework), and dashboard.

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The US$980 UI and UX project was completed after two weeks. Both Quentin and Alex were happy with the outcome. “His work was beautiful. It was exactly what we were looking for,” shared Quentin.

As they move into the latter stages of developing their startup, they look forward to hiring yilmazsatti again for the front-end CSS programming.

Business Without Boundaries

Despite being miles apart from one another, Quentin, Alex and Yilmaz were still able to complete the project. Quentin is based in Belgium, while Alex is in Canada pursuing his studies, and Yilmaz resides in Turkey.

The trio found a working system wherein Alex and Quentin would agree on decisions, then relay the messages to Yilmaz. At the onset of the project, Alex and Quentin expected language barriers and differences in opinion. However, Yilmaz proved otherwise. He was able to understand the project details very thoroughly which led to its perfect execution.

“Freelancer let us come together as one team and make a project as if we had known each other for long. This represents how powerful Freelancer is for young and current entrepreneurs who are new to the business world,” said Quentin.

Having the project done on Freelancer saved the duo over a thousand dollars. As young entrepreneurs with a limited budget, they didn’t have much wiggle room when it came to spending. Freelancer brought them closer to their dreams start-up.

Hire a freelancer and let your passion for entrepreneurship drive you to even greater heights.

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