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Orsolya Orbán
Orsolya Orbán
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Dear diamondbird123,
The area you are covering with your question is very wide, so here is some help for starting the whole process.
Before bidding make sure that the work requested from you is one that you will be able to professionally deliver. You have to understand the needs and also make notes if the project is not clear enough. Do not give a fixed price if there are important information missing from the project description. Give an approximate price and also mention that there are not enough details for you to be able to give a final price.
Based on what skills the employer requests from you, give samples or offer the possibility to be asked about your previous works. Also, and this is a very important point in getting a project: good communication and language skills. Employers tend to hire freelancers with good language skills to assure the clarity of the work-flow. I hope I could be of help.

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