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Estimated Cost for this Website?

ditanya oleh Tanner P. 8 Disember, 2016

I was wondering how much I should set the budget for this website.

I need a website made that is similar to

It is a website that links with steam, and allows you to deposit steam market items, and whoever wins wins the whole pot. Different items are worth different values, so it would have to somehow be linked with the steam market. If you have ever head of a "CS:GO betting site", it is similar to that.

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Upah Saya

Ciao, It's not an easy order to understand the right price you need to consider many factors.
Start with some factor:
1) count the number of pages (homepage, view my profile, view catalog, ...)
2) count the number of actions (login, logout, edit my profile, ...)
3) count the number of entity (usually one entity is one table that will need to track all this informations: users, ...).
4) count (if necessary) number of external system to integrate with (email, chat, payment gateway, ...).
5) ui look and feel (rate the quality of the theme that you want to apply)
When you split your website in this kind of object you can understand the complexity and evaluate the effort required.
I partecipate to many bids and i'm really sometimes surprise but how cheap response are there so i usually believe that or the user who response to the bid didn't evaluate all the effort or they want to win the bid only to play a change request approach where after you assign the job they will start to ask for anithing that is not included in your scope.
This also depends on the user who response to the bid, but in many case the bid is very simplify ("i want a website like this") and doesn't take in consideration all the expect.

In general I suggest a bidder to details as much as possible the requirement to get the right response from the developer.

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