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Having a genuine reason i did't reply to the client at time now what should i do ?

ditanya oleh Rakesh Thakur 5 Oktober, 2016

Hi ,
as i am going to my native place .and my laptop had been stolen in the bus so i couldn't reply to the client .because of this reason client give me a rating 2 and also negative review had been given by him .
So kindly suggest me what should i do . i have a FIR copy of the stolen laptop also .

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menjawab 5 tahun lepas
Upah Saya

If I were in your position, I would have gone to a friend or to the library to borrow a computer for five minutes. I would have sent a chat/email to the employer saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience but my laptop has been stolen and my communication will be somewhat delayed." I would have informed them what steps I was taking to complete the work and offer a new deadline, while apologizing for the inconvenience.

The freelancer employer needs to hear from you just as a regular full-time employer does! If you faced an obstacle in an office job, you would talk to your employer about it. I hope your laptop is never stolen again, but if it is, do everything within your power to get to a computer and check in with your Freelancer employers.

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