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Hello, i saw post in freelancer landing page to ask question from experts.

ditanya oleh 100% Satisfaction 6 April, 2016

I have one question or may be suggestion . I am working here about 2 years or more. i faced some problems.
1. Some of our client not replying after completing project. so there is one option to get money from them by putting dispute against particular client. But the problem is this. if i won dispute there is option to give feedback to each other. You know , who will give good feedback after dispute. So i suggest there should no option to give feedback after dispute.
2. some times money return after completing work due to fake post. i can't differentiate whether project is fake or not. So please control on it.
3. you know there are lot of project ( urgent help skrill or something like this) please control it as well.
4. I am from Pakistan. I want to send money from freealncer to directly my local bank account.
i hope you will solve these problems.

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