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Card demo animation

Hello please visit ( This is a small animation sample, i can deliver your project at any resolution and i will be using 3ds max If you are interested my email is tsiamboulas (at) Thank you

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  • tsiamboulas
    • 7 tahun yang lalu

    Hello i am prepairing the tunnel part and i will send you feedback on it probably by tomorrow.I am using full quallity and global illumination so it might take a while to render.I will send you still images in the meanwhile to get the feeling of it.Thank you

    • 7 tahun yang lalu
  • chumager
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 7 tahun yang lalu

    hi, this looks good, how about the tunnel part. Please do a part of the tunnel too so i can see you understand my idea and then i can pass you the cards designs to continue with the project.

    • 7 tahun yang lalu