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Beyond Boundaries: NASA's Emerging Tech Hunt Submission Form - 26/09/2023 17:39 EDT

$250 USD
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NASA, the beacon of space exploration, aeronautics and science research, and cutting-edge technical innovation, is embarking on a thrilling new quest, and they are asking for your help! We are asking you to uncover new emerging technologies and groundbreaking research work from around the globe. We are reaching out to the brightest minds to help them research and investigate three specific areas of interest:
Safety in Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles
Innovative Lightweight Protection against Galactic Cosmic Rays
Revolutionary Sensors for Atmospheric Characterization
This is your opportunity to help NASA and be recognized for it! Dive deep, explore, and present to us the marvels that organizations and independent researchers worldwide are achieving in these three technical areas. Remember, while NASA sometimes is seen as the initiator of new technologies, in this case, they are seeking innovations that are found outside of NASA's existing research. Do not send entries that highlight any of NASA’s current work, however, entries that identify technologies that complement NASA’s current work are acceptable.

Background and Topics of Interest:

1. Safety in Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles
The skies of tomorrow beckon with promises of new horizons. NASA's Advanced Air Mobility initiative aims to redefine aviation, connecting places previously untouched by conventional air travel. This new age of aviation demands paramount safety - from safeguarding pilots and passengers to ensuring robust vehicle tracking systems. We're looking for innovations that encompass novel technologies, the synergy between humans and automation, and advanced health monitoring systems.
Specific subtopics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Structural health and vehicle safety monitoring.
Operational safety for Advanced Air Mobility.
Advanced Air Mobility Innovations: technology, human-autonomy, and passenger health.
2. Innovative Lightweight Protection from Galactic Cosmic Rays
When venturing beyond Earth, astronauts confront the vast, mysterious expanse of space, teeming with radiation. Galactic cosmic rays, particles from solar flares, and those trapped in Earth's magnetic field pose significant challenges. The stakes? Potential health risks, including cancer and degenerative diseases. As we prepare to set foot on distant worlds like Mars or establish habitats on the Moon, the need for lightweight, effective protection against these cosmic rays becomes paramount. We're in search of solutions that not only shield against these rays but also consider the challenges of long-duration space travel and extraterrestrial stays.
Specific subtopics of interest for these lightweight Galactic Cosmic Ray protections include, but are not limited to:
Long-term habitats on the Moon
Long-term habitats on Mars
Dormancy (this is defined as the time in transit to and from extraterrestrial bodies)
Habitats on other planets, asteroids, comets, or other extraterrestrial bodies
3. Revolutionary Sensors for Atmospheric Characterization
The atmosphere, a dynamic canvas of mysteries, holds secrets waiting to be unraveled. NASA is on the lookout for cutting-edge sensors that can elevate our understanding of this vast expanse. Whether it's on Earth or distant planets, atmospheric characterization is crucial. NASA is interested in sensor technologies that harness the power of quantum sensing, metamaterials, freeform optics, and advanced detector technologies. If you're working on a fusion of these technologies, we're even more intrigued!
Specific subtopics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Quantum sensing
Metamaterials, including metasurfaces
Freeform optics
Advanced detector technologies, and other advanced technologies
Combinations of these technologies
Join us in this exhilarating journey, and let's together push the boundaries of what's possible, crafting a brighter future for humanity both on Earth and beyond.


September 26, 2023, 3:00 PM ET
Challenge Launch
October 17, 2023, 5:00 PM ET
Submission Deadline
November 7, 2023 
Winners Announced


Total Cash Prize: $5,000
Prize Description: The first 400 qualified submissions will be awarded $10 each. The top 4 contributors will be awarded an additional $250, for a total of $5000.

How to Enter:

1.You must have a Freelancer Account.
2.You must meet the eligibility requirements.
3.Complete all required fields in the submission form -
4.Upload a PDF copy of your submission form to the Challenge Page as your entry to the competition.
You may submit as many entries as you want. However, each one must provide unique information (e.g., unique organization or unique product). Incomplete entries or entries that do not meet the eligibility requirements will be disqualified.


NASA and Blue Clarity LLC reserve the right to cancel, suspend, and/or modify the challenge, or any part of it for any reason. Updated materials will be made available to all participants.

Eligibility Requirements:

By participating in a contest, each participant (whether an individual, group of individuals, or entity) must agree to and abide by the following: Freelancer Eligibility Policies, Freelancer User Agreement, and the Freelancer Copyright Infringement Policy. Each participant must complete and comply with the Freelancer KYC process. All team members must meet Freelancer eligibility policies.
All team members must be at least 18 years old and must be eligible to receive payment under the laws of the United States. 
United States federal sanctions prohibit participation from individuals and teams from certain countries (see:, and governments of countries on the Tier 3 list on page 54 of the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report (
The Challenge Team and partners are not eligible to participate. Federal employees acting within the scope of their employment are not eligible to participate. Any individual or entity associated with the development or administration of this challenge is ineligible to compete. Government contractors working on the same or similar projects are ineligible to participate in the Challenge.
Funds from U.S. or foreign government organizations should not be used to directly fund the development of a solution to this Challenge. Solutions that were previously developed with Government/Federal funds, or where Government/Federal funds, including but not limited to, employee time, materials, and reviews, were utilized to prepare the submission or solutions are prohibited.

Submission Requirements:

All submissions should include a written description of the specific research or innovation. If research papers, journal articles, etc. discuss the research or innovations, include hyperlinks. You can also include images or other supporting information.
Note: A team or individual may submit more than one solution to the challenge. However, each submission must be a substantially different solution. Additional submissions will be screened to ensure the team is eligible and the submissions are substantially different. If two submissions from the same team are deemed to be too similar, only the most recent submission will be considered for judging.
Solutions must originate from either the U.S. or a designated country (see definition of designated country at, OR have been substantially transformed in the U.S. or designated country pursuant to FAR 25.403(c).
The solution shall not include proprietary components or anything that requires licensing.
Submissions must be uploaded to the Challenge page before the deadline, October 17, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET. No late submissions will be accepted.
All submissions must be in PDF format, in English, and machine-readable (not handwritten).


For any prize award, the winner will receive the full amount awarded; any Freelancer seller fee will be refunded to the winner.
If participating as a team, all payments will be made to the Team Leader who is solely responsible for the distribution of funds among team members.

Intellectual Property:

The winning participants will transfer all intellectual property rights to @poweredbyFLN when awarded the prizes.
The Government reserves the right to negotiate licenses for additional submitted solutions.

General Conditions:

You agree to the terms set forth herein and to all decisions of NASA and Challenge Partners, which are final and binding in all respects.
Scores from the judging panel will not be shared with the Competitors.
Please submit your questions to the Challenge’s Public Clarification Board.
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3D Printing
Academic Writing
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Educational Research
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Aircraft Performance
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Aircraft Sales
Aircraft Structures
Aircraft Systems
Airfield Lighting
Electric Repair
Electrical Engineering
Geographical Information System (GIS)
Internet Research
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Qualitative Research
Research and Development
Research Writing
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Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Science
Data Entry

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Avatar Pengguna
3 hari yang lalu
Avatar Pengguna
Sobia S.
16 hari yang lalu
kindly check i have submitted my work but not shown anywhere
Avatar Pengguna
Penganjur Peraduan
20 hari yang lalu
Hello Everyone, we are launching a round 2 of this contest:
Avatar Pengguna
Sobia S.
21 hari yang lalu
I have submitted my articles but no response
Avatar Pengguna
Hamim R.
23 hari yang lalu
Thank you so much for selecting me as the contest winner! Also, congrats to all the winners!
Avatar Pengguna
Pres P.
1 bulan yang lalu
I am interested as a freelancer
Avatar Pengguna
Elizabeth S.
26 hari yang lalu
Congratulations to the winners
Avatar Pengguna
Penganjur Peraduan
27 hari yang lalu
Congratulations to all the winners. The top 4 winners of this contest are: k1ng440 khanali332277 marz62 hrshammo The remaining entries that deem to be eligible will receive $10 each
Avatar Pengguna
Asaduzzaman P.
27 hari yang lalu
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest.
Avatar Pengguna
Penganjur Peraduan
29 hari yang lalu
We are starting the award of the challenge, but please keep in mind this might take time. We plan to award everyone in the following days, awarding in batches daily

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