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Impressive subversive design to set people tapping

OKOK where do we begin, sure we got the flawless icons but did you see that card design in the center (UHLALAAAH) hahaha man I'm having too much fun lol ok so seriously, Again the design is super straight forward, design is clean, simple to use (for all sizes) plenty of white clear space for objects to really shine out, I went with a Ui similar to what you asked in the brief (Tinder and Spotify mainly) Colors are super soft and inviting, It feel up-to-date and minimalist. this is sure to get you great reviews, imagine adding some subtle animations and you got a perfect app. Anyhow any changes you might need you know I'm your guy! Thanks :)

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                                     untuk                                         Build a wireframe with fully mocked up images/logos/placeholders with an intuitive, modern design

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    This is definitely in-line with what we're looking for, finally! Let me confer with my colleagues and get back to you to be sure, but given the tight timeline we have, we'll have a response very soon, and I'll work with you directly (tonight/tomorrow morning) on finalizing the wireframe/demo for our pitch tomorrow.

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      OMG thanks man I really appreciate your really kind words I was kinda stressed with the timeline these things take time but again a challenge is always welcomed here I'm still working so no worries I got you :P

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