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City Revolt

Hello! here is my concept for the city revolt, took just over an hour to produce, size - 400x400 pixels, eager to hear your thoughts, cheers, Simon

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    Hello Simon,
    thank you for the post but it is quite different for number of reasonts to what we are looking for:
    - The building is Parthenon in Athens. It should be general building in a greek city. That means smaller building with less columns.
    - The look is too modern and not similar to existing illustrations nor the example of the style of our example.
    - It looks more like a collage with photo of Parthenon incorporated into the illustration.
    - Was it all painted or other external sources were used?
    - The figures are not really visible but rather some outlines.
    - Why all the figures have those spears? The spears on the reference image have tips.

    I am sure it can be improved but the style itself is not what we are looking for.

    • 2 bulan yang lalu