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Hello, I saw the competion on the last second and tried to focus on the ancient Athens(Figures ended up pretty weak).Hope You will like it.

Penyertaan Peraduan #23 untuk Collection of low-level illustrations for a video game

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  • kubatp
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    • 2 bulan yang lalu

    Hello acbasaran,
    thank yoou for your entry. It is a shame that you saw the competition so late.
    Your illustration is not a bad start, the overall perspective is good, we also appreciate your own fantasy how to illustrate it (it is not just a repaint of the reference image).
    Unfortunately it would require a bit more work and the contest is closing in an hour.
    The background (sky, hills, town) is all good.
    The foreground would need a bit more work, especially:
    The buildings look a bit too modern for ancient Athens (too tall, the dormer-windows also look too modern) and they are missing a bit of detail.
    The figures are missing some details, the lightning of these figures is missing and they are way to bright compare to the rest.
    I am sorry that we didnt have time to improve this, we would like to see the result of this as well.

    • 2 bulan yang lalu