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Properties for sale or rental in & around Bega NSW

Good day Scooper, I am a semi-retired town planner presently assisting a solar power company with submitting tenders, which involves the regular use of Excel (I have the 2010 version). Having relocated in 2012, I am familiar with property listings and fully understand your requirements. Looking on the web, it seems that there are approximately 250 to 300 properties involved. At say AU$0.75 per entry and doing 50 per day, the project would cost approximately AU$225 and take a week. I have attached a screenshot of the report with two additional entries for your perusal. As per your instruction, the 'rental' field is left empty where no rental amount is given in the ad, but I have inserted the formula so that if you insert an estimate, it will give the rental yield, etc. I trust this will be in order. Best regards, Ed H

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